I realize they are pretty much as opposite as you can get but my boyfriend and I can't pick between the 2. I looked at someone's pictures from CTI and I feel in love with the place although it appears my boyfriend is not willing to be nude so most likely, the island will be out of the question

I also fell in love with CSA and would get a beachfront verandah because it looks amazing. The prospect of that expansive a beach is also tempting, but not necessary.

Anyone been to both? I realize everyone has different likes/dislikes but I'm interested in all opinions.

My boyfriend and I are very laid back. Not really the partying type, we are 28 & 29. I just want to feel like I'm in paradise, and be able to relax. He's a swimmer so swimable beach would definitely be preferred. Our last vacation to Punta Cana we were unable to get into the water, which was very rough.

Thanks everyone. Can't wait to book for August!!!