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    We will be back to CSA later this year. We love being at the resort so much that we have never had the heart to go off property on an excursion. This year we were thinking about going on a zip line tour. Has anyone done this? How long does it take to get there? How long are you actually zip lining? Is it worth it? Any information would be great! Thank you so much!!!

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    intrested as well. I believe from my research it takes 1.5 hours to get there and return so my guess is a full day away from resort, but insite from someone who has done it would be helpful.

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    There is also a new attraction in the Negril area, closer than YSFalls... but it has only recently opened (within the last month), so I've not seen reviews and such. The place is called Discovery Falls. It does have a website, so perhaps you can learn what you need to know by Googling it (try Discovery Falls Negril in your search engine).

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    I've never been zip lining in Jamaica but I did watch a show about it last night. They were zip lining at YS falls. They weren't very high off the ground and they zip lined from platform to platform. It seemed like the zip lining from one platform to the other was only about a 5 second zip line. They only showed 3 different platforms. Didn't seem very exciting. I'm sure there's a bunch of people on this board with first hand experience. Hopefully they chime in.

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    The best zip lining in Jamaica without question is the Chukka Canopy tour in Ocho Rios. The trouble with that is it would make for one really long day when you factor in the to and from transfers, and it's possible that the price would increase due to the transportation expenses. Not sure you would think it was worth it. Having done the Chukka zipline during our stay at CTI, we felt it was very much worth the cost, but if we would have had to take it while staying in Negril, then no, it wouldn't have been worth it, at least not for us.

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    We did the Zip Line a few years ago. We stayed at CN and the zip line was back towards Montego Bay. If I remember correctly, we left CN around 8:00 or 9:00 am and were back at CN by 3:00. There were 7 or 8 "runs", some short, but most of them were long. One of the longest one was over the river, high off the ground. Well worth the trip.

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    We did the Chukka Canopy from Montego Bay and it was absolutely amazing and since Montego Bay is closer to Negril you may want to try it from there...I am not sure if they will pick up in Negril though.

    I have ziplined and done canopy tours in Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica and I have to say that this one out of Montego Bay with Chukka was by far the best. There were 9 or 10 lines I think with the longest being 1000 meters. The staff was great and you are definitely high up off the group with beautiful scenery all around you. It is definitely worth going on.

    Hope that helps.

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    sndtrevino - Kelly wants to go zip lining and our trips overlap a bit, maybe we can get a group together to go???

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    were down there are 4 of us going we want to do the chukka one as it sounds as the best one. What date were you thinking? Shawn

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    we did the chuka tour from csa on our first visit there on 05. the tour took about 1 1/2 hours to get there, fun time driving through the country, pretty scenery. we did 5 zip lines, there was a moderate hike from the beginning through some orange groves to get to the first run. some were long and some were short, the last one of the day was amazing over the river gorge. the guides were funny as well as informative about local fauna and traditions. on the way back we had a moderate hike and stopped all along the way to learn about local plants, trees and myths and legends.
    it was definitely worth the trip. oh, and at the end we had some jerk chicken that was really good.

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