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    Seriously, don't worry about it. There's people wearing ALL sorts of things... some things you wish they covered and some you wish they showed off more

    You'll be just fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy View Post
    wow. I guess that my question was more unintelligent than I thought. 219 views and no comments yet. I'm glad I didn't mention my real name. Those who will be at CTI in August that bumped into me would run away! lol

    Only 3 months to left!
    Well, now you know. Sometimes it takes a while for things to get posted! We will be at CTI in July for our 4th visit. You will see all body types and ages in all types of swimwear. Our first trip to CTI my hubby and I were at the pool (the only one at the time) and the beach and we kept asking each other where were the people like us?? Our age (mid to late 40's at the time) our body type (I have had two kids, both c-sections). So one day we finally got brave and took the boat to the AN island. Well we found "our" place!

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    Wow its taken me a real long time to post to this one, but I just actually came across it while looking for something else.
    How is this for a bikini wearer who has two children and quite a few years on you poppy, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!!!!!!!!!! You are as old as your heart and soul feel!
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    You 're never too old or too big for a bikini in Jamaica. Have a great time.

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    Put that bikini & a smile on & strut your stuff like you mean it!!! Jamaica is for having fun & no worries so wear that bikini with pride. I'm 48 & still wear one, even though I definitely don't have the perfect body for it anymore. You'll fit right in no matter what your body type. HAVE FUN!!!!

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    Does it matter? Have fun, and let loose. You're never going to see these people again!!

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    When I first started reading your post I really thought you were going to say you were 70 or more haha
    I really don't believe there is an age limit for wearing a bikini(and if there was I should hope it wasn't 30 lol), like anything else, you wear what you feel comfortable in.
    I've never been to Jamaica, but I'm certain you won't be the only one with battle scars.
    So go and enjoy yourself!

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    What's the problem with the bikini? Get over to the Island.

    Just got back from CTI on the 20/6. My wife is 62 and she still looks great in one. She really wishes she could go topless so we spent most of our time at the Island.


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    I'm thirty and I rock the bikini. I actually have twelve of them and yes I have a bikini buying problem. I am 5'5" and about 125 pounds, I too have had kids and I just don't really care what others think. As long as my husband loves me thats all that matters. I say rock the bikins and be proud!

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    Wear what you wanna wear. You are there to enjoy yourselves :-)

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    you will see people of all ages and sizes, from 1 piece to string bikini. You wear what you are comfortable in. No one is there to judge you. I have a skin condition where I have large red circles on my legs, am very self conscious of it. Hardly ever wear shorts at home, but when at CN, I am in a bathing suite and shorts all the time. I try not to think about it. You become so relaxed, you forget a lot of things. Have a wonderful vacation, and wear what you like and what will make your s/o happy. That is who you are there for, each other.

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    The only reason my 88-yr-old father-in-law doesn't wear his thong is because it's against the law in the Myrtle Beach area. He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and he's still in great shape and goes out shag dancing three or four nights a week. I'm happy to have his daughter, but I wish I had his genes. Wear what you want; life's too short!

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    It's not a matter of age, it's a matter of comfort. If you are comfy wear it.
    Erika & Sean

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    I think I will wear a bikini until the day I die...

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    Just ask yourself one you want to take the stares?

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    Default uh oh

    So am I going to be the resort nun in my swim dress?? LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    I'm 45, and I wear string bikinis in Jamaica. The first time we visited Couples in 1998, I wore one-piece swimsuits and felt out of place. Most women wear two-piece swimsuits, even women who are very overweight. You'll be fine.

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