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    Hi Pat & Mike'
    Pleased to meet you and hope to see you there. We're from a little town 20 miles north of Scranton. This is our 1st try at a Couples. We're pretty excited about it. We're hoping it holds up to all of the good things we've been reading on the board! Now 29 days---YAHOO!!! Can't wait to relax and party!!! C'Ya there!
    Ed & Margo

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    Hello everyone, we are From Canada, and we will be there Dec 1st 2009/to Dec 10th 2009 getting married Dec 4th 2009, hope to meet some great people when we are there,

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    Hello! Looking forward to our first Jamaica vacation and Couples Resort! So glad to hear some of you will be closing the bars down, because that's where we will be!! We switched from CSS after hearing CTI was a little more appropriate for the party crown! Can't wait to meet everyone!!

    Scott and Missy
    12/9 - 12/13

    p.s. not really sure how to post a pic, but if I figure it out I will get one on there!!!

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    Default Dec.4-11

    Hi everyone,the count down is on and we can hardly stand it.This will be our 3rd time to Couples.We are also from the Great White North, land of dog sleds lol. Anyway we are golfers as well in the AM and beachers in the afternoon. Packing the summer clothes in the suitcases makes us smile.Can hardly wait to return to Paradis, yes once you go you know.
    Deborah and Gord where are you from in Canada?We arrive late on Dec 4 so we'll miss your wedding a toast will be order later or many toasts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTIherewecome View Post
    We'll be there December 4-9. It's our first time to Jamaica and we can hardly wait! We're planning on going to the island ...after we visit the bar. We haven't done the whole "au naturel" stuff yet, so we're rookies.
    I read some reviews that there isn't much going on after dinner, that CTI is pretty quiet after 10, I certainly hope some of you plan to stay out.

    **5 MORE DAYS until CTI. We can hardly wait!

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    Default We land Dec. 3

    We land at 11:45 am. Hopefully we will meet you all at the lounge or on the ride to CTI. We are traveling from California and it is cold here. Not as cold as some of you, but we can't wait for the warm weather.

    Felicia and Josh

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    Rog & I will be at CTI on Sat 12/6 around noon. We will be traveling all night to get there from So. Cal. We have been to CTI 2 times before and just love it. Can't wait to see the remodel and meet new friends. See you this weekend

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