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    Default September 7th to 21st 2010 CSA - from Gatwick


    Any other UK couples around this time?

    We are re-newing our vows and will be a visiting CSA for the first time.

    Previous visits to CTi (Aug 2006) and CSS (Aug 2008)

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    Not from the UK, but we'll be there from 15-22 Sept. Congrats on your vow renewal.

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    Not from UK ... Alabama, USA! We'll be there 9/5-12 =)

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    Not from UK Illinois sept4 - 11

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    We will be there Sept1-15 getting married on the 4th and though we are not from UK we do know that there will be a couple from UK there the same time as us so you will not be the only Brits See you there!

    Jen & Ian
    West Seattle, WA

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    We'll be there for the first two weeks of Sept - also flying from/to Gatwick - can't wait until we leave next week

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    Default From Bamalama Too!

    Quote Originally Posted by StephRN View Post
    Not from UK ... Alabama, USA! We'll be there 9/5-12 =)

    Hey! We'll be there Sept 11 - 20th. Obviously, the first question is AL or AU? Now, where in AL are you from? We're in Mobile. We're renewing our vows on the 16th. We'll get there the afternoon of the 11th.

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    We're going to be at CSA Sept 17 - 26th!!! Not from the UK but I'm Canadian by birth....does that count??? Anyway my boyfriend and I checked out Couples Negril last year and fell in love with Couples. We are counting the days!

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