I am so ashamed to say that I spent more energy researching the honeymoon than anything else (invitations, vendors, etc) - did this happen to anyone else? We are getting married July 23rd and I have tons of things to do, but honestly since we rarely have time to travel, the honeymoon was sooo important. I've already done USVI, Aruba, Bahamas, etc and Greece was out of the question so Negril appeared to be an obvious choice. I have lurked on this board and trip advisor for weeks and just felt strongly that CSA was the way to go. I have been to Negril (years ago in college) so knew that the beach would be beautiful, I was just more concerned with where we should stay. It was so nerve racking to read some reviews -- but the positives seemed to outweigh the negatives (We are so low maintenance and after the stress of a wedding I just want to relax!). Before I booked today I almost wondered whether I should look at S instead, but I realized I was becoming an insane bride who just needed to pull the trigger. We booked an Ocean Verandah from 7/26 to 8/3 and we are so excited!Anyway, I am so grateful for this message board and so looking forward to our trip!