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    Default Who Has Been To All 4 Couples Resort??

    We just returned from our first trip to CSA. My husband is really into trying different resorts and can't see why someone would go to the same resort year after year. So I'm wonder which of the other properties is comparable to CSA. Which one of the other properties has a beach similiar to CSA as well as the vibe of 7 mile beach? We love to be around other vacationers and don't want to go anywhere secluded or quite.

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    CN is the other Couples Resort on Seven Mile Beach, so its beach is similar to that at CSA. CN is on Bloody Bay, which is two-mile stretch of Seven Mile Beach.

    CSS and CTI have smaller, private beaches that are dissimilar to the beach at CSA.
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    We've been to all 4, and I agree with Pamela: if you want a beach similar to CSA then it has to be CN. Having said that, CSA is our favourite Couples Resort but CSS (which it totally different)comes a very close second.

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    Is Bloody Bay quite? On the bus ride to CSA, I was surprised at how far CN was from CSA. I thought that CN was in walking distance to CN.

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    Well, we returned home on Sunday from 1wk @ CSA followed by 1wk @ CNG & I am seriously down

    We married at CNG in 2005, then stayed at CTI & CSS. So we have stayed at all 4 once & CNG twice.

    Our favourite is CNG, ok so the best beach is CSA, but nothing beats the intamacy (Spelling?) of CNG for us.

    Eash of the resorts are fantastic & have their own different specialities.

    My advice? go try them all, you never know until you have a go


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    For many of us, the first Couples resort that we went to is the one that we fall in love with. Our first Couples experience was at Couples Ocho Rios, now CTI. We never thought that there would or could be any other place to go back to. We have been there 28 times and have bookings for this coming November, next April and November of 2011. In the ads that you may see on TV, they say "Once you go, you will know". There are advantages to visiting the other three properties, because they each have something completely different to offer. You can then know in your heart that say, CSA is your favorite place.
    When CTI was closed for renovations, we went to CSS. It was wonderful. Totally different but equally as enjoyable. About the only thing that we missed was the staff at CTI. They had become much like an extended family. And we missed them a lot. But our time at CSS was just as much fun, just as relaxing, just as enjoyable. In the end, which ever resort you visit will offer a fabulous time because it is Couples.
    As far as returning to the same place time after time, it's sort of like grown-up camp. You know all the "counselors", you see many of the same "kids", and you know the routine. It's very comforting. It is like that with your favorite restaurant that I would venture to say, you go back to many many times. We know of no one who has returned year after year to the same resort and said that they were upset or bored. In fact, it just keeps getting better and better.


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    Default all four

    Hi all, We're close .. lol. We're probably about to book a trip to CN for the summer (July or August), and that will be a trip to all four. We went to CSA in '07 for our honeymoon and loved it! We returned in '08, and loved it again, but were interested in the others. Last summer, we decided to "Secret Rendezvous" and see where that took us. We ended up going to CTI and had a great time. While there, we used a day pass to CSS, and absolutely fell in love with the romance of that resort, so we just came back from a wonderful trip there in March. We might go again in the summer and my idea is to try CN to 'round them all out'. Although I loved CSA, I'm with your husband. I like the idea of trying them all, to be able to speak from a 'position of knowledge' about which one I like the best. Maybe there's one out there you like even better, or as well as CSA, but will only know, when you go. All three so far have not let me down. We liked CSS so much, we considered doing a CSS/CN split. Couples is great no matter which one. Enjoy.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07, 08
    CTI '09
    CSS '10

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    Greetings Mstravelbug. We've been fortunate to have stayed @ all 4. As everyone is unique, each Couples Resort is also unique w/a flavor of her own. All that being said, CSA has our heart and we're planning our 9th return home April 2011. I think this is something you and your hubby needs to investigate & discuss and then go to the Couples Resort which tugs @ your heart strings. Ah, what fun!!! Razzl

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    I've been to CN, CSS and Couples Tower Isle now CTI over the last 10 years. CTI is my favorite, a few more weeks and I will be back home to my beloved CTI!

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    After looking at the pictures my husband said he would like to try CTI next. I'm worried about it being to quiet. Isn't CTI the one with the private beach with no vendors? I like a lively beach and don't even mind the vendors. I may try to get him to go back to CSA. We didn't get to go off the resort like we had planned to on this last trip. This trip was more about our wedding and honeymoon. We didn't get to go to Ricks, dinner at Rockhouse, or visit CN for a day like I planned. Which one of the resorts has the private beach and the resort sits alone without any other resorts close? That's the one I DON'T want to go to.

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    Then you don't want CTI or CSS. They stand alone with no one near them. However I have been to both and they really do have a lot to offer. Just go with your gut.


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    MSTRVELBUG....What does 'Too Quiet' mean to you????

    As Richie said, both CTI and CSS have private stand alone beaches...

    They both bring in vendors if shopping is what your looking for...CTI does offer shopping trips to town.

    As far as the beach alone...IF you like the public beach, your best bet would be to try CN before coming to Ochie...

    That's my 1 cent...

    Nathalie & Steve
    CTI...2009; 2010; 2011
    CN...2012; 2013

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    YANKsSox - What I liked about 7 mile beach is that you could walk along the beach and mingle with other vacationers, take a look at the other resorts etc. We just like a little more action on the beach for our vacations. Even a few nights a CSA we thought the resort was a little dead. I love the whole vibe in Negril and think I will go back to CSA or try CN next time. Maybe when we are looking for a more quiet romantic trip, we will try CTI or CSS.

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    We've been to all 4 but stayed at only 3 (CSS, CTI and CSA). We're going to remedy that in 2011. From having been to all 4, including a day pass at CN, we'd recommend CN as the closest thing to CSA. CTI is more of a high rise resort while CSS is the more romantic of all the Couples resorts, but both are secluded and don't allow for the interaction with vacationers from other resorts. The great thing about Couples is there's no such thing as a bad vacation/resort. They're all great...just some more to one's liking than others.

    Bart & Bug

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    CSS is definately a romantic place to spend time. There are plenty of quiet areas tucked away from crowds, but if you are outgoing, just congregating at any of the pools works too! The beach is small and yet we never had a problem finding a place to sit with the small size of the resort. CSS is definately an intimate resort. If you are going, say hello to 'Crackers' for me would you? And spend some time in his little garden watching the hummingbirds in the tree overhead......wonderful!

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