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    hell NO! I have been counting down for 365 days. June 19th I'll be in paradise, war in Kingston or not. Couples here I come!!

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    We leave this Saturday, and though initially concerned, aren't any more. There's as much violence in Dallas on a Saturday night....
    Can't wait to get there!

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    Oh my, the thought of cancelling our trip scares me! We go in a few weeks and I CANNOT WAIT!

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    We're going next week. I have been following the news, and I am not worried. Kingston is far away. From all the news I could gather, it is not a nation-wide is a gang protecting their leader and the police being agressive to find him.

    The only issue this represents is passing on the Bob Marley bus tour into Kingston that I was going to buy for my step daughter and her fiancee. But to cancel the whole vacation over this? No way (especially if this was a "chance of a lifetime" trip...that made me sad when I read that).

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    Nope, not a thought about it and we arrive on July 3. We will be at CTI which is no where near Kingston.

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    Ones safety is always of concern. Couples does a great job with its security to keep the resorts safe and I have no fears while on the resort.

    Like many who enjoy traveling off resort the south coast happens to be one of those areas we travel to. Current events have been in the news for the past few months and as a simple precaution we didn't plan any off resort excursions to the south coast.

    While the crisis that is taking place in Kingston is isolated to those parishes I would venture to say that your travel plans to CTI would be safe. I have heard no news saying that the crisis is spreading.

    If news that widespread support was growing for this alleged gun and drug dealer I would raise an eye of concern however I see no movement of growing support other than in that localized area.

    For the sake of Jamaica let's pray that this matter comes to a safe ending. Our plans have been made for 2011 already.

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    No, this is no different then what goes on in any big city in the States. (I am sad to say this) This stuff does not get the press in the states as it does in Jamaica, but look at all the deaths by gangs and police trying to keep us safe. They are hunting doing a very bad person that has a gang around him to support him. Drugs and gangs are a world wide problem, it is nice to see Jamaica addressing the issue.
    Irie Mon

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    We leave on June 5th for Sweptaway and I cannot wait. I booked this trip over a year ago. My father asked me did I think I needed to cancel and go somewhere else. I told him that I teach (in inner city neighborhood) everyday around the corner from gang fighting and turf wars and I do not let it bother me. So why should it really bother me hours away? CSA 4 more days to go!!!!!

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    We are leaving June 12th with 16 people from our church on a mission trip to a place near Ocho Rios. We are not going to cancel. The missionaries in Jamaica have said that it is very safe in that area. As others have said the problem is isolated in Kingston. I have no worries about our group making the trip.

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    We will be at CSA on June 13th. We did NOT consider canceling our trip

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    We also considered cancelling but after talking to our travel agent we feel much more confident! Kingston is far away from where we are in Jamaica and we are going to have a wonderful time on our honeymoon! We are going to CSA June 28-July 5. I hope you decide to go and have the time of your life! The countdown is on!!
    Trisha & Josh
    September 18, 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cree5 View Post
    My fiancee' and I scheduled our honeymoon to CTI June 28-July 4 but with the events going on in Kingston we are hearing a lot from friends and family that we shouldn't go. Is anyone else considering cancelling their upcoming trips to Jamaica?
    We are also going in sept. for our honeymoon. Everyone keeps telling us not to go to but we still plan on going. i think as long as your not going to kingston u should be fine.

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    We will be traveling to Negril in August for our 19th trip to Jamaica. No way would we consider canceling this trip. We also flew to Jamaica two weeks after 9/11, and stayed at CN through the ravages of Hurricane Ivan. A previous poster made an excellent point about the proximity of the danger. Jamaica is like a second home to us, and no criminal is going to keep me out of my house!

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    We leave in 24 hours and we are going. There are bad areas of the US as well that have gangs and violence. Just think safe and stay out of those areas. The most important thing is to do like Billy said and educate yourself. Read the Jamaican newspapers online, go to the US Embassy's website, and most importantly do what makes you comfortable.

    This will be our fourth trip. I would not dream of cancelling our vacation. I have also been to Tuluca and Mexico City. There is gangs and drug related violence as well there. You just have to be knowledgable about what part of town to go into and what times are safest.

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    The trouble in Kingston is mainly in one area of the city called Tivoli Gardens so not even the entire city has been affected by the troubles. The thing is that these bad people create jobs and income for the poorer neighbourhoods in places like Kingston so the people look at them like Robin Hood...sad but true...I leave for Negril on Sunday and I am not worried at all about the troubles it is too far away and has nothing to do with the tourist areas of Jamaica...go and have fun!

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    I wouldn't cancel if the Shower Posse and a hurricaine were across the street. 21 days til #7 at CN.

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    15th trip to Jamaica, 1st trip to Couple's comin' up in October and I'm not even considering cancelling. My parents asked me the same thing and my reply was something along the lines of a know nothing about the island, the area, the geography, the situation so until you've studied up don't talk to me about it unless it's in the form of a question in which you are truly seeking information not offering up your uninformed opinion.

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    Default jamaica

    My wife and I are due in july 9th-19th, our 4th trip 2nd to CN...We love it !!!!!!! Any other couples close to Louisiana going then?

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    Not us, we can't wait until our trip home.

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    we will be at CTI July 10 - July 18 and wouldn't dream of cancelling our trip...that would be silly since it would be like cancelling a trip to Denver with gang issues in Colorado Springs (which is only about an hour & a half south of Denver...)

    I'm sure you'll be ok...and if you cancelled, you might regret it later...

    I say go and enjoy!

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    Anyone else recently return from CSA with a good report? We are coming in Dec with some friends but they are thinking about canceling. I have been trying to ease their concerns but hearing it from someone that was just there will have a much better effect, I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1962pongo View Post
    My wife and I are due in july 9th-19th, our 4th trip 2nd to CN...We love it !!!!!!! Any other couples close to Louisiana going then?
    My husband and I are from New Orleans and will bethere July 25-30 with another married couple who are friends of ours and also from new orleans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unitedfront View Post
    My husband and I are from New Orleans and will bethere July 25-30 with another married couple who are friends of ours and also from new orleans.
    We just got back last week after being at CSA for a week. I can assure you that, if you didn't know about it from the reading the news, you wouldn't have guessed anything was going on. Not even the airport was different (I thought we might see beefed up security there, but we didn't). You will be just fine. I promise.

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    We are definitely not canceling. We fly in July 1st. Looking forward to it.

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    We are going to CTI from July 3rd thru 11th and would not change our plans for the world!!

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