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    We are booked for the sunset wedding in November. I've been reading mixed reviews as far as weather, photographs, etc. Anyone get married at sunset that has some positive things to say! I'm feeling like I made a mistake!

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    Sure, it might "typically" rain more in the afternoons than the mornings, but there are no guarantees if you switch it to a morning time slot that it won't rain in the morning that day instead of the afternoon. In the morning they might be able to hold off for a bit, but maybe not even if they have another wedding scheduled after it. Probably it won't rain at all
    As for photos, we wanted our photos to have bright light and sunshine, so we had a morning wedding (but had some extra photos at sunset). However, lots of people have sunset weddings specifically for the gorgeous sunset pictures. That's just a personal preference thing. You could always do a separate photo shoot at another time to get different light too.
    Another thing to consider about the wedding time is what you want to do after the ceremony. A sunset wedding can flow nicely into cocktails and dinner, whereas a morning wedding means a gap and guests possibly getting redressed for dinner later. For us it worked out ok because we did the cat cruise in the afternoon then all met up again for dinner..
    So, I think you should do what feels right for you. If you've been dreaming of a sunset wedding, then just do it! If you do want to change your mind and have a morning or earlier afternoon wedding than do that. Just don't change your mind based on what other's say or have done, or because it might rain on you.
    I've heard from brides who did have rain at their ceremony and it still didn't spoil their day. It will be perfect regardless

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    My sister got married at CN at sunset about a month ago. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous! Everyone who saw our pictures from the wedding asked if the sunset was a back drop because it almost looked unreal because it was so beautiful. My husband and I are planning a vow renewal in October and I insist that the ceremony be at sunset....Hope this helps ease your mind about your decision!

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    Thank you for the input! You're right, we booked a sunset wedding for a reason! I just want to make sure everything is perfect, it will be though because we are getting married!! I really appreciate it, thank you girls!

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    My wife and I were married on October 23rd at sunset at CSA. The rain started coming in right as we signed the marriage certificate. We all ran to the nearest cover which happened to be another guests balcony. It made for a great story and we just waited the rain out right there. It was pretty funny having all of our family huddled together! The pictures we took afterwards were amazing! We had the sunset with the clouds mixed in and it made a crazy mix of colors that you wouldn't even imagine. Plus, when it rains on the beach it makes a "trough" in the sand which made for a pretty cool picture too. We wouldn't have changed a thing. If you would like to see some pictures go to
    Adam & Abby
    CSA October 23rd, 2009

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    Hey Chaseann, my fiance and I booked a sunset wedding in November as well. What date are you getting married?

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    we are getting married November 6th! You?

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    We booked a sunset wedding for our wedding and we were not impressed. There were tons of bugs in the evening and I got a bite the size of a baseball on my back.

    If I were to do it again I would do a morning wedding, have pics and then I would book a through the photo booth to have a photographer take sunset wedding pics for me. We didn't realize that the photo booth offered this service for free, and then you can just pick the pics that you want to purchase. This way you save $1000, and you get the day time pics as well as some sunset pics. We did some additional sunset pics for our honeymoon because it was cloudy for our sunset wedding.

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    What is the photo booth? Thanks!

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    Hi Meeko
    What is photobooth? Never heard of that!

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    The photo booth is in the great house and it is where you go to buy all of your photos and view them. you can go there the night before (or a few days in advance), and book a photographer to take sunset photos (we had 150 pics taken and bought most of them). They turned out much better than out sunset wedding pics, d/t the bug situation and the weather. If we ever renew out vows will will have a morning wedding and then add some sunset photos in. I honestly didn't think about this option when I booked. If I were you I would book a 10am wedding, then add photo's later. If you are worried about your hair making it through the day don't! The ladies at the salon really know how to do hair that will withstand anything (I went swimming underwater and my hair remained perfect)!

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    The photo booth is in the great house and is where you can purchase your photos. They offer Free sunset shoots where you have the option to purchase the photos you want.

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