We were married on the beach at 11:00 am on a Monday morning. It could not have been more perfect. The wedding coordinator (Alecia) met with us on Sunday morning and we spent about half an hour making our decisions. It was the easist 30 minutes we ever spent making decisions! Our biggest decision was which flavor of cake to choose (the Jamaican fruit was delish!). Monday morning was perfect. Karlene at the salon did my hair and it was even more beautiful than I had imagined. I have received tons of compliments on it. We got dressed and the girls came up to get me in my room and we were off! It was such a perfect moment that it was easy to forget all the people watching us both on the beach and from home (we had the wedding webcast for our families at home).

The weather was perfect (although so hot we felt like we were melting away) and the water color was incredible. We recommend doing the ceremony earlier in the day. The water colors are priceless in the morning. Our pictures look like we put up a back drop. The resort photographer did an amazing job...he even dabbed our foreheads so we didnt drip in our pictures We had a perfect day and hope that you will too! There are so many wonderful things we could say so let us know if you have questions!