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    Default July Couples- Get Excited

    Be excited, be VERY excited!! We are now down to one month away till we all start enjoying life in paradise. For those of you who have experienced CN before, you know what I mean. For those of you who will be newbies, you need to get excited, be very excited!This is our sixth trip and we are as anxious to go as if it were our first.

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    We're with you Jimnmariann; exactly thirty days from now we'll be sipping Hummingbirds while lying on my float in the breathtaking waters at Couples Negril....

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    We'll be there July 11 - 14 then on to CSS for another week of paradise. Can't wait.


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    Default Woun't tight my friend

    We are so ready. This will be our fourth trip back to CN, of many more to come....... Yeah Mon

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    We had to cancel our June trip due to work issues, but were lucky enough to reschedule trip #8 for Jul 9-16...two weeks!!!

    Michelle & Vern

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    In a few days we will be back in paradise! Cannot wait! See you all there.

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    we are very excited. almost counting the hours. but still 12 days. 7/9-17. this is our 6th trip to CN.
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    We will be there July 11th to 22nd, see you there!
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    5 days.

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    57 hours til our flight leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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