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    Default CN - Gifts for staff???

    Has anyone done this before? I have read that we should provide positive feedback via comment cards at the front desk. Other than that, are there things/trinkets/supplies we can bring to offer gratitude and help someone with something they might need and/or want. Thanks!

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    Perfumes, body lotions , colognes, hats, T shirts, womens magazines, chocolates, BMW's the list goes on.

    The best gift you can give a member of the staff is to remember their name on the exit card.

    School supplies are always welcomed at the locals schools or better yet make a donation to the ISSA Foundation.

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    I agree the best thing you can do is write their name on the card. Having said that, we read on the board that its fine to give things like chocolates in appreciation. We brought some bags of Lindt chocolates and gave them out. They were really appreciated.

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    In addition to making sure to note on our comment card all the wonderful staff members, we too, give out chocolates to the staff and they were all so very happy and grateful!! BUT make certain to give each staff member a note with your signature on it along with your "gift" otherwise, they cannot take it off the property!! We typically come "home" in April, so I bring along all our leftover Easter chocolates/candy, and it couldn't go to more appreciated and deserving hands than the CN staff!!

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