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    Default Back from 2nd trip to CSA - and ENGAGED! :-)

    So I figure I should post this now before everything gets hazy in my mind.

    We stayed at CSA from 5/22 thru 5/31 in a Garden Verandah suite - same as last year. Here is my breakdown of our trip:

    TRAVEL: Something greatly left to be desired and no fault of Couples. Our flight on American Airlines from O'Hare was to leave at 8:20a and arrive in Montego Bay at 12:20p. The first plane had to have a battery and then an alternator changed, then they decided to get us a new plane. The 2nd plane was an upgrade from a 757 to a 767 which was very nice and then a half hour from Miami, they announce that we have to make an emergency landing in Miami because the hydraulics were failing. They said they were working already on getting us another plane. We land in Miami and find they have found us a plane but now they have to get a new crew because the one we had used up all their flight hours. The replacement plane was a 757 and looked extremely beat up inside and out. But - we finally landed in MoBay around 6 or so to many cheers from our full flight. We had delays coming home as well but apparantly that was just due to the weather.

    TRIP TO RESORT: Pleasant - missed most of the scenery as it was now after sunset. Arrived at CSA just after 9p.

    CHECK-IN: Greeted with cool towels and champagne even at that late hour. There was just 2 couples checking in at that point. The gentleman greeting us off our bus was very nice but I can't remember his name! Ayesha and Davia assisted us with check-in with a warm welcome and big smiles. Nice thing about late check-in - your room is ready. We were very pleased with our room. Last year we got a corner 3rd floor room and loved it. This year we got an inner 1st floor room and liked that even better. Still had a view of the ocean from our room and liked that we didn't have to climb a bunch of stairs. One suggestion which I noted on my card at check-out - all first floor rooms should have key-card access so you can go in thru your patio. That would be as they say, "aces".

    OTHER THINGS: Since we got to the resort so late, we just changed into our suits, got a bite to eat at the grill and soaked in the hot tub near our room for a few minutes. The next evening after a hard day of relaxing, we went and sat near the walkway and watched the sunset. After it set, we walked just past the watersports hut and had a contest to see who could see Venus in the western sky first. He did and I figured we would head back for dinner. He started poking around the sand with his sandal and said "what's this?" He then turned back to me with a 1/2 carat diamond ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. It was PERFECT! That made dinner at Patois extra special and we had a picture taken by the resort photographer to commemorate.

    The rest of the week we did the normal - sun, sand, pool, drinks. We did the Trading Places program on Wednesday to CN and after a couple hours there decided to come back early as I did not feel well. We walked the beach a bit there and sat by the pool. We ate lunch at the Cassova Terrace buffet which was VERY good - I think I liked that lunch buffet much better than the Palms lunch buffet. In the end though, we decided we liked CSA more - it was more "us". CN was quaint being in the bay and I can see why many people enjoy everything centered around the pool but we just prefer the way CSA is spread out. Shelly Ann (I hope I got her name right) was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction when we got there and lined up transportation back to CSA as we left early.

    A few "Shout Outs":

    - to our housekeeper Shawn - we met her on several occasions while we were in and out of our room. She was so pleasant and took good care of our room.

    - Sandrea - we met her at the cocktail reception Monday night. She had only been there 3 weeks but we enjoyed talking to her immensely and I think she will be a great asset to Couples!

    - Ruchell and Annette in the Spa - we had the BEST couples massage and Annette also did my facial, hand and foot rub package.

    - and really - ALL Couples employees we encountered. I couldn't get everyone's names but everyone was wonderful and truly make the resort what it is.

    We will definitely be back - most likely for our honeymoon next year. And the most answered question of the week was "are you getting married here?" LOL Unfortunately we have too many family members to pull off a Jamaican beach wedding.

    OH - and before I forget - to our new friends: Chris and Joyce from WI - truly a pleasure. Jay and Becky from KS and last but definitely not least - Larry and Teresa from TX - we enjoyed every moment we got to talk to you great couples!

    Christin & Dick

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    Greetings Musicalrose. Am so happy for you both on your engagement & that you enjoyed your vacation. Nice!!! Bummer about the flight down (ugh)but hey, you finally got there so all was well. Razzl

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    Congrats! We love CSA too. Wonderful that you had a good time.

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    Thanks everyone! We are in full swing wedding planning right now.

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    Congratulations, what a fantastic story.

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    Congratulations, now lets see the ring!

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