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    Default celebrating 20 years at CSA in Feb 2011

    My husband and I booked our trip for Feb 28, 2011 through March 6th 2011. We are renewing our vows March 2nd at 4pm. Come join us!!!
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    Congrats, we renewed our vows at 25 years at Swept Away. Tamika will make your day very special.


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    The "original 6" from Peoria will be there 2/24 - 3/5. Will your vow renewal be on the beach or in the garden? We will help you celebrate!!

    We will actually have a big crowd. One of our group turns 50 on March 1st. I think we may have 5-6 couples there for his party.

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    We will be there at that time and would love to help you celebrate.This will be trip #5 and no other place can compare.Hubby's birthday is Mar.1 so always celebrate when we are there.hope to see you then.

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