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    Default less than 2 weeks

    Wooooohoooooo less than 2 weeks to go!!!!! Can't wait seems like the wait has been like forever. Can't wait to go scuba diving with James and anyone else that is into scuba. Its almost here!!!

    Randy n Debbie

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    Woooooohoooo!!!! We arrive on the 20th and I can't wait! Looking forward most to relaxing in the ocean on a float with drink(s) in hand!
    We didn't scuba dive last it something we should do?

    Scott & Amy

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    take the resort course and see what you think. I love it. Sooooo relaxing and peaceful


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    We also arrive on the 20th! Time to start packing!! Sooo excited! You're right R-n-D, the wait has been FOREVER!!

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