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    Default Missing the island

    My husband and I returned from our first trip to CSA on September 10th and I've been a bit depressed ever since. I thought it would get better, but I think it's getting worse. Fortunately we've found 2 places about 5 minutes from our house where we can get beef patties, brown stewed chicken, jerk chicken, and Ting, but that only helps temorarily. Please tell me I'm not the only one that suffers this! I'm on the message boards more now than I was before we left and I'm counting down the days until we can book our return trip (fall of 2012). I need something to break me out of this funk quick!

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    Best thing for the depression is to book that next trip now, and start the countdown to that trip. The loveaway plan would be perfect for that.
    Now, tell me about that place where I can get the patties and jerk, and maybe Mrs Umberto and I will see you there!

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    Umberto - we live in Kansas City and there are a couple of Jamaican owned joints in the area.

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    KCJen-I kind of figured that from your screen name.
    5 miles East of MCI myself. Let's hear those names!

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    My husband and I enjoy just sitting on our back deck and drinking Red Stripe and telling stories about all our trips to Couples. Our friends are sick of hearing this stuff but we never get tired of talking about it. I try to also plan ways to save money so we can go back.

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    Umberto - haha, I've had the flu for the last couple of days so my head isn't all together! The first one is Island Spice Carribean at 39th and Main in Midtown (go early because he tends to run out of stuff), and G's Jamaican Cuisine at 79th and Troost (Fantastic beef patties but spicier than at CSA). In fact, now that I'm able to keep things down again, I may have to have the hubby pick something up for dinner!

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    KCJen, there is no cure. Just book your next trip even if it's for a year from now. We have been 6 times and are addicted to the message board. We are headed back in November doing the SR. Can't wait to see where?
    We live just south of Lee's Summit and would love to know the Jamaican themed places here also.

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    Mmmmm, just got done eating jerk chicken, beef patties, and rice and peas from G's!!! I texted my hubby at 9am this morning and demanded it for dinner

    Denkim - check out one of my earlier posts to this thread...I listed the 2 places that we know of.

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    Thank you for listing the places. We live in Wichita and have absolutely NO options for Jamaican dining at all, other than making it ourselves, which isn't the same. We had heard there was at least one place in KC and were thinking about taking a weekend to visit there, just to eat at it. We will definitely have to try one or both. Thanks!

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