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    Default cell phone/ SIM question

    After much research, I had decided to get a digicel sim card to use with an unlocked cell phone while at CN. However, today when I placed the order, the company- mrsimcard was out of digicel cards. They said they can send me either a Claro or Lime card. Should I go with one of those two or wait until I get there to get a digicel card??

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    I'm not familiar with Claro, but Lime came to Jamaica a couple years ago and are competing with Digicel. I don't know if the Lime sim cards work the same as the Digicel cards. Perhaps you could find their website and check into it. You also might pose the question on There are lots of folks there who go to Negril and might be able to answer the question for you.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have used the lime card for years. It works great in Jamaica and USA. Put money on it once a year and you have no problems, you keep the same the number.
    Irie Mon

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