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    Default Live From CSS 6/6-6/10

    Well, my new husband and I arrived at CSS earlier this afternoon. It is our first time to Jamaica and so far so good. I spent lots of time on the MB and website before arrival and was not disappointed.

    The flight went off without a hitch, we had an enjoyable, non-intimidating shuttle ride with fun people to the resort. We did stop for drinks. As expected, we were greeted promptly with a cold towel and champagne before being taken to our room. We are in a 1BR beachfront suite, and although the hubby doesn't like stairs, the 3rd floor view (room B30) is stunning. Service has been quick and great....we split a room service sandwich to hold us over for our just completed 8:30 dinner at Casanova. Both were timely and delicious. We also had a broken safe which was fixed immediately.

    The grounds are beautiful. We've met many fun creatures including crackers and another bird, and I already had my first salon appointment (had to chop my hair off, it's HOT down here!)

    I also noticed a thread about Miss Una a few weeks back and was thrilled when Sean and I came back from exploring to find her about to enter our room to turn the bed down. She was humbled and happy to hear that the message boarders love her so, and I agree; she is fabulous.

    So far, so good! We are thrilled for the week ahead!
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    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Ahhhh jealous! What room are you in? Enjoy the pool and a few cold drinks for me!

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    will be looking forward to your updates!! We have reservations for the penthouse in august and can't wait. We have never been there either. Have a great time!!!


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    We are in B30 and having a great second day! There are butterflies all over, pretty flish right at our feet in the water, and we're about to go get some lunch at the beach grill!
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    fyi, the other parrot is named Anita. Tell her hi for Joan and Bill and that we miss her already (we were there the last week of May). Have a great time ( I know you will...impossible not to!)

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    Is Derval still working at the beach bar?

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    We just finished our couples massage...we were down at drift away which was lovely. We had a blast at Dunn's River falls yesterday, though we did get assaulted by the craft market in the attempt to get me a drink. We're hoping to do glass bottom boat today.

    I've not seen Derval, but I will deliver a hello to Anita. I was also hoping to meet the famous Charlie, but it appears he has passed away.

    Another review just before we left mentioned the smoking and I must say that is my one major complaint (aside from the fact that the stairs have been hard on hubby's knees). I really hope they designate areas because it has been VERY unpleasant for us to constantly have to stop what we're doing and move because someone right by us decides to light up. I know it's their vacation too, but the constant secondhand assault ruins the relaxation.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Have you tried SSB yet (other than after 5:00pm to view the sunsets)?

    You really must give it a try, even if for only 30 minutes. Your experience will be that much more complete if you soend some time on SSB!!! And there may be fewer smokers... no one has pockets to keep their cigs and matches in. ;-)


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    I hear you on the stairs! We were in F block and climbed all of the stairs too many times to count. Good thing is that I lost weight! First time I have ever lost weight on vacation, it had to be all that wonderful exercise because I definately didn't cut back on the delicious food.

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    We've only been to SSB for sunset hour...hubby isn't too keen on the idea (I've tried to get him to at least try it, but he's content to sit in the room watching world cup!)

    Some staff were at Anita's cage this morning and got her to dance for me which was entertaining.

    We were signed up to snorkel this morning; hubby had an upset tummy so I went alone but didn't last long as I unfortunately am freaked out by jellyfish. My few minutes in were beautiful though!

    Tomorrow is spa day and I can't wait! It will be sad to leave Sunday morning. We are exited for tonight's starlight gala as well.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Tomorrow is our last day sadly. I could likely stay for quite sometime. Our overall experience with Couples was fabulous, and we will likely be back. We would like to try all 4 resorts eventually! Last dinner at Casanova tonight. We did dinner at all the restaurants and enjoyed the games, gala, and beach party.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Charlie died??? Say it ain't so.

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