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    Default Calling card question

    I'm sure it has already been addressed somewhere on here. Forgive me for not searching deeper.

    What is the scoop on calling cards? The FAQ section on the resort page states that cards purchased outside of Jamaica will not work. Is that true?

    What is the best/most economical way to make phone calls while there? We will be at CN (and Skype is not an option for us).


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    Default JusTalk Calling Card

    Last December at Swept Away, we purchased a "JusTalk" calling card from one of their gift shops. I think it was US$10 for 90 minutes. The resort also charged a US$2 connection fee per call. We called home every day for a week to check up on the household for US$24 total.
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    Tru' dat.

    The cards bought in the States will most likely not work to call home from Jamaica. There should be calling cards available in the gift shop, you have to ask for them as they are not out on display. They are in different denominations, $4-$10 and so on and are very easy and economical to use. This is the best method we have found for calling home. You will be charged a couple of dollars connection fee for each call placed, but it is still much cheaper than collect calling, charging to your room or, heaven forbid, credit card calling (which can be very expensive).

    Watch your thread, you will get more advice and recommendations. You might want to consider email also. You can send email from the computers available at the resort. But if you want to call check out the calling cards. Oh, yeah. Look for another thread "Justalk cards" or something like that. It went up in the last couple of days and has info on the calling cards.

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    Ditto what NeedBlueWater said. We bought a JusTalk card at one of the gift shops at CSA (I'm not sure all of the shops carry it, and I think it's an "under the counter" item, so you'll need to ask) when we were there last September. My wife was in the middle of a job search then, so she had to spend some time each day calling back to check on things (which paid off with a job awaiting when we returned), and we only had to use one card. Definitely cheaper than trying to rig up your cell phone with an international plan!

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    Default Cell phone

    I seen somewhere on the message board where people went to the local cell phone store in jamaica and got a phone for about $50.00. I can't find the thread on this to post but it maybe something to look into.

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    Do they offer any cards suitable for calling back to the UK does anyone know please. I got battered with a brutal cell phone bill when I got back from Cuba earlier this year.
    Thanks and regards Dave and Chell

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveandchell View Post
    Do they offer any cards suitable for calling back to the UK does anyone know please.
    Apparently, it works worldwide, at least according to this 2006 article from The Jamaica Gleaner upon the introduction of the service.
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    I guess I forgot to post the link to the article (or the moderators removed it for some reason). Here it is.
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    We took our laptop and accessed the free WiFi from the convenience of our room and Skyped our children at no charge. We also sent messages via FB and email for no charge. You can even use their internet cafe and get a good cup of coffee while you do it for free. If you do choose to call, you might want to put an international plan on your cell phone. We did that. They prorated it and only made us keep it for the dates we were there. It cost us about $2 for the week. We never needed it, but we wanted the ability to use our phone in case of an emergency. We kept the phone off and only checked for texts and messages occasionally. We only got two texts and NO phones calls. It was so nice not being attached to my cell phone all week. I kept it locked in the in-room safe.

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