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    well, the wedding was over sat night and the trip was a long one to get here, but we finally made it. let me tell you, it was well worth it. this place was all i had imagined and more. i think we have the best room in the entire complex. 4th floor and the island is smack dab in the middle when you look out our room. everyone is soooooo friendly and accommodating. will post more over the next few days. till then enjoy

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    Glad you are enjoying our home from home.

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    are you in a ocean deluxe room?

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    I am glad that u r having a nice time. Please keep us posted!!!

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    we are in an ocean jr suite and could not have asked for anything better. have a massage scheduled for just about every day and had our first meal at 8rivers. it was amazing. the beach party was ok at best and i don't mind the small beach, but the swimming area is a little too small, especially with the seaweed. today we are going horseback riding and tomorrow heading to dunn's river falls. is anyone else staying here now? how do you like it?

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    mark and jenn - we'll be in that class of rooms in 100 days! Can you post some pictures (after you get back, of course - you're on vacation now!)

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    yes, we will post some pics of the room when we get back. it is the best room in the entire resort

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    Default Congrats!

    Mark and Jenn.... first off - congratulations. Second - I think you are in "our" room --- LOL! If so......... please tell Moveta (the housekeeper) a special HELLO LOVE from the Princess........... I think she'll know who that is!

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    markjennwedding, did u say that u were n a ocean jr suite? How is it? That is the same room we r staying in 09/2011. I haven't heard many people say anything about the suites @ CTI. Can u please give me some more information about the suite? How is the minibar? Is the balcony a nice size?

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    we love the ocean jr suite. ours is a split level (2 steps) from the foyer to the bed room (really all just one big room). the bathroom is the biggest i have ever had in a hotel. we have a shower and a jacuzzi tub. the walk in closet is small, but nice. before we got here i thought i was really going to like the fact that we had a fridge in our room, but now that we have been here over a week i have to say we never really used it.

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