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Thread: CTI or CSS?

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    Default CTI or CSS?

    We're going on our honeymoon this November. Help us decide between CTI and CSS. Give us your pros and cons. I wanna hear the difference between the two from people who have been to both. Thanks!

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    CTI has more inclusions and more restaurants. I also think the entertainment facilities are better. We have been to CSS on two occasions and CTI 4 with 5th coming up. Nothing wrong with CSS, but CTI is our favorite.

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    Interesting, our opinion is just the opposite of dandj! We went to CSS twice within 7 weeks, as we enjoyed it so much. We went to CTI on a trading places for a day, and left early to go back to CSS. We felt that CTI was too much like a hotel, with very little in the way of grounds, whereas CSS has perhaps the most beautiful views of anywhere you could possibly go, and it is without a doubt the most romantic of all of the 4 Couples. Just depends on what you're looking for in a holiday, I guess!

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    You will get the same fabulous service and food at both. The main differences I see:

    CTI is a high rise hotel and has very small grounds. Everything is located within one building. The resort is extremely compact. You will easily get to know people because of it being so small. The entire facility just went under a 30 million dollar redo and reminds me of South Beach in Florida. We feel that CTI has the best SCUBA staff of all the Couples.

    CSS is more of a resort to us with the buildings spread out all over the property. CSS has the largest grounds with the fewest rooms making the resort very intimate. The resort just has a special feel to it and we feel it is the most romantic of the 4 resorts. All of the rooms at CSS are suites and all rooms include a mini-bar. Room service is available from 6:30am - 11:00pm.

    The main beaches at both of the resorts is rather small and not good for taking long walks like the Negril beaches. CSS does has a large pond on the property with a walking path around it and also bikes you can use to ride around the property.

    If you are interested in AN:

    CTI has an island. It is rather small and can get crowded. It has a small pool for cooling off, but no real beach. Some people do snorkel off the beach, but the week we were there the waves were pretty big and there was one girl who go eaten up by the coral.

    CSS has an entire beach dedicated to AN. The beach is huge with lots of room to spread out. There is also a pool that is large enough to bring your floatie into the pool and float. The ocean is also available for floating and snorkeling although there are some rocks at the entrance and there is a river that flows at the entrance of the beach making the water a little cool.

    Both of the pools at the AN beaches have swim-up bars. At CSS, the entertainment staff come over twice a day and will play a game. We felt like it was easier to be more secluded to ourselves on CSS's beach, but you always had the option of the pool to socialize. CTI does have a more 'quiet' side of the island, but you are still rather close to people especially when the island is busy.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    dandj is right.

    Nothing wrong with either of them. We are at CTI this very moment (for our third time.) We went to CSS yesterday on Trading Places. IT was very nice, but seemed much more subdued and quiet. Not that CTI is a "Party" mecca, but ity just seems more fun, vibrant, and happy here. I know that if my wife and I spent a week at CSS, we would have a spectacular time as many people do. Just for us though, CTI is the place....I guess that is why we are here now and I booked the June 2011 trip about two months ago!
    Best of luck in your decision, but rest assured, whichever place you choose, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    I guess we agree with Juli and Karen, we like CSS. We also think that CTI is to "hotel like" for us. We like the layout and foilage at CSS. Also, if you want AN, SSB in our opinion is much better than the island. And the entertainment staff does come over with some fun things to do if you want.

    So, I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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    We are returning for our 4th visit to CTI in less than a month. The staff is one of the things that keeps us returning. The rooms are in five buildings, 3 of which are interconnected with a walkway. The tallest is 4 floors, the smallest, building 1 is 2 floors with either 10 or 12 rooms. We did a Trading Places and CSS is located on beautiful grounds, but we didn't like how spread out it was and all the steps. We also didn't like that SSB was visible to fishermen coming off the river or to people on the Public Beach across the river. We were able to see a room and they do look nice.

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    Coloradojuli is correct in her depiction of both resorts. We've been to CSS three times and CTI once. Both resorts have their good qualities which means they also have their drawbacks. If you're into a tropical resort built on cliffs with lots of stairs, places to walk and a private beach that's more relaxed and laid back...then CSS is a good choice. If you're into the smaller, more condensed, high-rise, upbeat resort then CTI is the way to go. The key is choosing the resort that's right for the two of you and will make your honeymoon special. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and best wishes on finding the resort that's perfect for you.

    Bart & Bug

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    I too had trouble deciding, so we are doing 4 nights at CSS, getting married there. Then 3 nights at CTI as our honeymoon. They are close to each other and this way we get to experience both!
    I'm hoping to get a chance to do the same type of split in Negril for CN & CSA in the future.

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    How long are you planning to go for? Why not try both? That's what we're doing. We've only been to CSA so far (loved it) so this time we're doing a week at CTI and a week at CSS. We plan to utilize CTI for what it offers that CSS doesn't (diving, horseback riding and cat cruise), and CSS for what CTI doesn't (the lush grounds and full room service). I think we'll love them both for what they are and respect that they differ.

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    Thanks everyone! Leaning towards CTI at this time...

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    What's the difference between superior, deluxe, and premier ocean rooms at CTI?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hjimzaf View Post
    What's the difference between superior, deluxe, and premier ocean rooms at CTI?
    It is all based on the way they face the ocean: superior face the cove next door to CTI, Deluxe face the ocean and Tower Island at a slight angle, Premier face straight out to Tower Island. Deluxe are in 2 blocks: 1 and 4. Block 1 is older and the rooms have only been repainted, not totally refurbished, rooms in Block 4 are totally redone. Premier are in Blocks 2 and 3. Block 2 is brand new, Block 3 is the original hotel but all Premier rooms in this Block have been refurbished. Hope this helps. We have been to all 4 Couples resorts - CTI is the only one we would not return to - far too hotel like and crowded for us.

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    CSS for sure! Been to CTI for two days then switched to CSS. Best decision ever! Beautiful landscaping, wonderful beach, and IMO better restaurants. CTI just didn't feel like a tropical resort to us. Has more of a business feel.

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