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    Default June 12th - 18th! Anyone Else? Pic Post!!!

    My wife, Ann and I are going to be in CN for the first time for our 20 year anniversary! (We're both 38 years old.) I've seen these posts on here that ask who else is going to be there when someone else is there but almost no pics. So how is anyone to recognize anyone else?!?!

    So I am posting a PICS POST! Tell a little about yourself and post a pic or two so if anyone see's you at the bar they will buy you and yours a drink! Haha...

    Tom n Ann
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    You will have a wonderful time! We will be there June 16th - 23rd or longer... This is our 11th wedding anniversary as we were married in Ocho Rios and honeymooned in Negril in 1999. This is our 15th or 16th time back since we were married. The resort is fabulous and the staff are amazing! Since this is your first time - I insist the first round of drinks is on us - just put it on our tab!
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    Holly hell! 15 or 16 times in the last 11 years! That's what I'm talking about! We've been married for 20 years (married at 18) and we NEVER vacation due to my job. In the last 20 years our only vacation was in 2005 when we spent 4 days in Montego Bay Sandals. Nothing before that or after. So this 6 day vacation is HUGE for us! We have decided to start vacationing more from now on and we are counting the minutes to Saturday! We'll keep an eye out for you two and I will take you up on that drink! Tom & Ann

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    I was wondering if your wife was the infamous Ann Lawfull Y'all will have a fabulous time

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    Getting closer here we are and ready for July 11th!!!!!!
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    One of my better half, she is easier on the eye than me!!!
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    Default The Coopers from Texas

    We'll will be there July 15-21!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wileeandrr View Post
    I was wondering if your wife was the infamous Ann Lawfull Y'all will have a fabulous time

    Yep wileeandrr. Thx for noticing...We had a blast!

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    We will be on our honeymoon June 13-17!!! Can't wait to be at CN -- Jamaica for the very first time for both of us! He's in the Army Reserves and just returned from an 8 month mobilzation as a Drill Sgt at Ft. Knox, KY. I manage International Sales Accounts and Exports for a manufacturing company in Central IL. We look forward to meeting new people and enjoying the sand between our toes!!! See ya in June!

    Kenny & Jamie

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    My wife-to-be and I will be there on our honeymoon June 14

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