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    Default engagement ring + wedding ring + salt water= ?

    Hi All,

    My fiance' and I are getting married at CSA next summer and i'm super excited. But i'm wondering- is it a bad idea to wear my rings on the beach and in the ocean? I love them both and i want to be able to wear them!! but obviously i dont want to ruin them either.
    What do you think??
    (I was never a jewelery wear-er so i've never had to think about this.)

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    Very good question. I have worn my yellow gold on the beach and in salt water with no problem, my engagement ring is white gold this time and has not seen a beach or salt water so I have no idea!

    My sister wore her silver toe rings in the salt water and they turned black but she was able to clean them.

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    I didn't even bring my engagement ring when I was in Jamaica this year. I bought a fashion ring instead. But I didn't even end up wearing it except at night, because it was a pain when you're putting sunscreen on every half hour which is what I have to do. I personally wouldn't wear them during the day, put them on at night when you go out for dinner.

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    I have an eternity band that I use as my "travel ring" whenever we vacation in Jamaica, but I don't wear my actual wedding ring. I have a two-carat center stone on my wedding ring and won't risk losing it. Rings tend to become loose due to the water and sunblock, and we've seen people searching for lost rings on many of our 17 trips to Couples.
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    ='s bad.... my jewelry store said that salt water over time can ruin your I would get a fake one to bring with you... :O)

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    i have no idea about that as i don't wear it when go to beach..
    as far as i know, there are some ring that are not good in salt water/ocean..
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    thanks for the advice guys. You're right... its not worth risking losing it.

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    My friend and his wife went to CSA for thier honeymoon in March adn he actually lost his ring in the ocean. He said the salt water "shrunk" his fingers and the ring slipped off without him even realizing it! So don't wear it while swimming!

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    for safety sake and being cautious we took our rings off anytime we were going in the water or going off grounds. needless to say, they were off most of the time. we kept them in the safety worries.

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    The changing of temperatures will change the size of your finger making it easier to lose it. Add in some water and sunscreen and you have an extra slippery finger. Get a little drunk and you might not even remember where you lost it! The salt water will pit the gold and probably platinum too but I would be more worried about losing it. We brought ours but did not wear them during the day, just in the evening when we were eating. Every time we are there we see someone looking for their rings in the sand or the water. If you lose it in the water you will probably never see it again, in the sand you might as there is usually a metal detector around somewhere.

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    I always bring a fake ring i do not take the chance of ruining it or it slipping off!!!Better safe then sorry

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    I took BigdogLips' advice and I had a fake cz that I wore in the ocean! It was fun!

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    Funny story - my husband, who never wore a ring before, lost his on his third stroke swimming in the water. I don't think he had it for even 24 hrs. He searched for it every morning with snorkle gear. Then we went to the market, he bought a fake one, cause it looked funny with one person with a ring, the other without. He lost that one too. So we settled on tying a gold twisty around his finger,just as a joke...

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