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    Default Question about checking reservations

    I may be missing something obvious here, but I've booked through the Couples website and I'd like to check my reservation occasionally to see if there have been any flight changes, but I don't know where to go to do that.
    Can anyone tell me where I can go to check my reservations?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I usually book the resort and flight seperately. However, the one time that I booked my flight through the resort I asked them for the flight reservation number that the airline used. I was then able to keep my eye on the flight itinerary through the airline's website. I suggest you call the Couples 800 number and see is Reservations can give you the airline reservation number that applies to your booking.
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    We did the same. We have been able to check our flight status thru the airline that we chose (thru couples on-line). We received a print out of our reservation as well as flight numbers when we reserved. It has not been a problem to this point, but we will see. We leave June 17 for CN.

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    Of course that makes sense! Thanks!

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    You can check your reservation by acting like you are scheduling a new trip then on the right hand bottom you will see the link to check out what you have previously booked. Hope this helps!
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    I'm sorry it wasn't on the right hand side it is pretty much in the middle on the lower part of the page. Look for check itinerary link.
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    OMG. Can I just say how glad I am that I checked with the airline. My Couples reservation shows no change but the airline actually cancelled my connecting flight from Charlotte to Little Rock. And they have nothing else for me on that day. I'm freaking out a little. This happened 2 months ago and no one notified me. WOn't be booking through Couples directly again.
    Now I have to try like hell to find another round trip because I have to cancel all or nothing. ACK!

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    Default go through a couple of steps like you are booking again, then you'll see the check itinerary option
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