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    Default Where is Bella Vista Restaurant at CSS?

    Could someone please explain where Bells Vista is located? Under the "dining" tab it implies that you dine right on the beach. I'm confused. Can't seem to find it on the panoramic map. Does the beach grill convert to this during dinner hours? Some days we prefer to just wing it and not have reservations so I'm wondering if it will be a problem to be seated since this is the only restaurant that doesn't require reservations. I definitely want to try all restaurants, but just don't want my whole week to be on a schedule. Thanks!

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    Bella Vista is next to the Beach Bar on the main beach at CSS.

    Bella Vista at night.
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    The Bella Vista rest. is right on the beach next to the beach bar. During the day and after hours it doubles as the beach grill/snack bar. It is right in front of blocks A & B

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    Bella Vista is the beach grill. You will not have problems getting a table at night. However, if you want a table on the beach, be sure to get there when the restaurant first opens for dinner, as those seats go quickly. Although there is nothing shabby about dining on the terrace.

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    And the Bella Vista is a really nice place for dinner with less formal dining attire and NO RESERVATIONS.
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