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    Default Thanksgiving in Jamaica

    We are going to CN next year over Thanksgiving for our honeymoon, I was just wondering if they did anything special or different on Thanksgiving - I know it's an American Holiday, but wasn't sure.

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    We were married at CTI over Thanksgiving last year (and are actually booked for Negril next Thanksgiving, so maybe we will see you there!). On Thanksgiving we elected to eat at one of the fancier restaurants to give it a "special" feel (Eight Rivers at CTI), they had a great Thanksgiving dish that my husband had (sort of a fancy/Jamaican take on turkey with stuffing, potatoes, etc.). They had special menus with the Thanksgiving meals listed (and the normal menu, too). He was super excited to have turkey!

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    We were at CN last year at Thanksgiving and ate at Otaheite on Thanksgiving (wasn't chosen for that reason, that just happened to be the day we got the reservation). Food was great. I don't remember a lot of US Thanksgiving type foods on the menu but that is a US holiday and not a Jamaican one. No is great no matter what they serve.

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    we were at CSS last yeat and there was turkey seved at lunch and at the repeaters diner.

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    Been there twice on Thanksgiving...they did serve turkey & the works both times. I did not try it because there were too many other choices and I'm not that big of a fan of traditional Thanksgiving.

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    We will be at CSA over Thanksgiving. What about the dinner there? Thanks

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