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    SO we leave in 2 and 1/2 weeks and paid for and booked a GVS. We liked our GVS last year and were hoping for the same room. Maybe not the exact same room # but close to it. Now as I understand we may end up in one of the regular garden rooms??? I could have saved money and booked one of those if I wanted one of those rooms. Do I need to call the resort? I am worried and a bit confused!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangles66 View Post
    . . . . Do I need to call the resort? . . . .
    And say what? Rooms are assigned upon guest arrival. When you arrive at the resort, simply ask for a room in the newer section. Politely explain that you understand that the garden suites have been renamed garden verandah suite but that you booked a room in the newer section and would prefer not to be in one of the newly-named garden verandah suites in the old section. I'm sure there are just as many people who booked a garden suite in the old section who don't want a room in the new section.
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    Well I paid $120.00 extra for the GVS if I wanted a a garden room I would have saved the money!

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    If you are confused and frusterated then it only seems logical to call the resort. Explain what you are confused about. If you paid for A GVS then you have a right to that category or the difference in money. But they have the right to place you in any GVS, they would work with your request but might not be able to accomodate if all the rooms in that block are already assigned.

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    Don't call the resort.

    From Randymon's 6/15/2010 post on this subject:

    "RE: garden suites vs garden verandah suites... Y'all need to give us just a little credit please. We know who has booked the 'old' garden suites vs the 'new-er' garden verandah suites. And, we have already indicated so on each reservation . . . ."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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