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    Default Verandah Suite Ocean View

    How are these rooms? Is it really an Ocean view??

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    the room type is actually Ocean Veranda Suite. one travel site lists them as Ocean View don't remember which one does. the views are partial at best. that being said a lot of the beachfront class rooms are partial as well due to the wonderful vegetation all over the property.they are great rooms and the one we usually book.


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    we had one in april and we were right next to the coy pond I could see the bamboo bar and the ocean from my 1st floor verandah...but not all of them you can.
    Erika & Sean

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    We have stayed in these rooms for all four of our trips to CSA and have been very happy with the rooms and the view. Ocean view is a bit of a misnomer as the view is somewhat obscured by the palm trees, as stated above. You may have a bit of a different view depending on the specific location of your room, both by building and floor location. However, even the partial view is delightful. The ocean is close enough to hear and is only steps further from your room than the beach-front rooms. Really all rooms at CSA are much closer to the beach than what most people expect them to be. I think we are generally used to the "American" description of beach access being across the street or even a half block away from the ocean considered "on the beach". CSA is genuinely situated on the beach. I don't think there is a spot on the property, besides the sports/spa complex across the street, that is more than a 30 second walk from the beach and all the room, regardless of category, are that close. Literally steps from the sand and water. I promise you will not be disappointed by the location of your room, even with a partial view of the water. I have often said that it is a good softball toss from almost any room to the beach, and I don't have a great arm.

    You will love CSA!

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