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    My fiance and I are considering booking our honeymoon at a Couples resort, and we are really impressed with all of the offerings - especially all of the tours and activities that are included. It seems like the best value all-inclusive, but the one thing that I'm unsure about are the rooms/suites. The pictures to me seem a little dull. Many pictures showed rooms that were all white with no decor, and others with some bright (and somewhat odd) colors, but overall not that impressive. Even the jacuzzi rooms seemed not much different than a typical 3 star hotel.

    Granted, we'll probably be out and about most days, but we still want to expect a luxurious vacation to have luxurious accommodations. We've also looked at Sandals resorts, and their rooms look very nice with 4 post beds and dark wood furniture.

    Are all of the rooms the same at each resort, or do some resorts offer nicer rooms/suites? Or, are these photos outdated? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I am not sure which resort you are looking at, there are 4 different resorts and each of them have a different look. But a basic answer to your question, if you are looking for glitz and glam, you really won't find that at Couples.

    What you will find at Couples is a very laid back atomsphere, with outstanding service, great food, wonderful beaches and very romantic place to start your new life off together, to rekindle that spark or just add a little more fuel to the well banked fires.

    You will also find the most inclusions of any of the resorts so you truly have a "all inclusive" honeymoon. You will not be nickeled and dimed to death.

    You will find clean rooms, very comfortable beds, bath robes in the room, fresh beach towels everyday (this is important, we have stayed at places that if you did not get your clean beach towels by 6 am you were pretty much out of luck for the day).

    And the truth of the matter, at least for us is that we spend so little time in our rooms, even when we have stayed on other islands at other resorts that are glitz and glam, that after the first 5 mins none of it matters.

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    We stayed at CN last October (and are going back in November). We had a beachfront room in Building 6. The pictures are accurate, very eccletic, very Jamaician and very clean. We loved it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topaz185 View Post
    We've also looked at Sandals resorts, and their rooms look very nice with 4 post beds and dark wood furniture.
    Couples (TI) did away with such tings during the recent renovation. Sounds like "S" is behind the curve.

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    Topaz - we have stayed at CSA and CSS. CSS had more "upscale" rooms, especially the penthouse suites. However, if you are looking for marble, original artwork, four poster beds, brass fixtures in the bathroom, etc., you will not find it at Couples. I figure that we are paying for location and service at Couples, not for luxurious rooms. When we stayed in Mexico, our resort had lovely furnishings, but it certainly didn't make or break our stay. In the Dominican Republic, we had a four poster bed, but it also didn't make our stay any nicer.

    If you have your heart set on a glitzy room, you may want to look elsewhere, because you will probably be disappointed. However, as you said, if you are looking for great inclusions and wonderful service, then Couples is for you.

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    It's a trade off. If you want a fancy room you will have to go to one of the other places, but beware of what it will cost you to get all the things included at Couples. Not worth the trade in my opinion.

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    If you want luxurious rooms then go to Sandals. We are going back to Couples for our fifth trip but we like the simple, cool no frills Jamaican rooms.

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    We have stayed at CTI 3 times and the pictures depict the rooms pretty well. We have stayed at the other resort as well and yes, it did have a four poster bed, not a big deal. We weren't impressed with it. Obviously we are impressed with Couples. Not necessarily the room, but the service superb and the food is amazing. Throw in the the excursions and you can't get a better deal.

    The rooms while maybe not glitzy are very comfortable. The beds are very comfortable, the linens soft, the towels fluffy. The views are to die for.

    You can't go wrong with Couples.

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