Just got back from 2 weeks at my beloved CTI. My comments: The spa, piano bar & new swim-up pool are great! I had somewhat of a problem adjusting to the lobby. We missed the flower arrangement and because of the colors it is somewhat cold feeling. We all were in agreement that it needs some plants, etc. to give it more of a tropical feel. I didn't like the food at Bayside as I'm not into asian food but the other couple loved it so it is a matter of taste. The food in the other restaurants was very good, but they need to lower the lights to give them more of a romantic feel. The staff as always are the best in the world to see Ulysses happy smiling face first thing in the morning is priceless! Capt. Kirk you are the best. Some things need to be tweaked and I'm sure by next year when we return some things will be different. The one thing that I was disapointed in Couples was that the morning of the 4th of July we came down to breakfast and there were a few (maybe 6 little decorations relating to the 4th) on the wall behind where the band sits when we came back at lunch they were gone! Heard that some people complained so they took it down. I understand that Couples try's to balance things out but we felt this was a slap in the face to all the Americans that were there as this was no happy mediam. I remember when CTI use to go all out on the 4th and even last year at CSS their lobby was totally decorated for the 4th and it stayed up all day, the few things that were up and in reality if you didn't look towards the band area you would not have noticed them should have stayed. We feel the jewerly store should return and hopefully they will put mini-bars in the rooms. As always I cried when we had to leave and I'm counting down the days till I return next year. I know I probably left out some things but I'm at work and need to make this fast. LOL