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    Default Weather@ CTI Feb 2011

    We are looking into booking for our anniversary vacation for CTI thru a travel agent we've found in KC, We was wandering is there a warmer temperatures say into 1st week of march versus last cpl weeks of Feb?

    Also since we would be newbies 1st timers to the resort,
    Would we receive Ocean Jr suites after we arrive since it sounds like you can no longer book actual room you want,, Which sounds strange to us

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    You will be in the tropics, the weather will be beautiful all year long.
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    We stayed this past year at CTI for two weeks, the first two of Feb. the weather was spectacular!!!
    We had no rain at all.
    I guess after we left there were a couple systems, but our weather was great.

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    Not much difference in the weather and I have no idea what you area talking baout the room???? You book and get the room type you book.

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    I am confused! We have booked an Ocean Jr. ste @ CTI for 2011. I know that u can not request a specific room# but, if u book an Ocean Jr ste, then u should get one. We didn't pay that extra money to just get a Superior or Premier room.

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    Weather temperatures remain pretty stable. Besides any temperature in Jamaica will most likely beat any temperature back home.

    Not sure what you are asking about the room. You get the room category you book. You can't book a specific room, ie Room 3204, you can book just the category. If you book a jr. ocean suite, you should get a jr. ocean suite. What is being discussed is the upgrade you may get if you are at the Passionate level in the Romance Rewards. We are at Passionate Level, but already know there are no Ocean Suites available during our vacation time, so we know we won't get that upgrade. We have booked the Premier and love the room.
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