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    Default Steelers Nation Honeymoon in September

    Hey Steeler fans, this will be my first trip to Couples Negril, what are the must do's, what are the don't do's. I was a little worried about going but both my travel agent and this message board helped ease my worries. Thank You. It is very sad what the people are going through praying the violence ends soon. I am now looking forward to the trip alot more than i was last week. The honeymoon is all my planning, she has the wedding lol... So any other honeymooners going first week of September I hope it will be fun and romantic. Any other past honeymooners have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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    . . . . [W]hat are the must do's, what are the don't do's? . . . .
    Planning a wedding and dealing with competing expectations of relatives can be exhausting. For your honeymoon at Couples Negril, plan to simply relax and celebrate your marriage.

    The one thing I would plan on would be to take the resort orientation tour, which is offered daily at 10 am and 5 pm; you'll see some things that you might otherwise miss. Other than that, do what appeals to you most. We spend most of our time on the beach, while other guests spend most of their time at the pool, including the swim-up bar. Still others choose a more active vacation, participating in water sports (scuba, snorkeling, parasailing) or volleyball on the beach or in the pool. If you'd like to leave the resort, head to the tour desk just off the main lobby and see what off-site excursions are offered, but you don't need to plan this in advance.

    As honeymooners, you'll receive a spa certificate for a couples' massage. It's a good idea to schedule it early in your trip; it can be painful if you wait and you get a sunburn. That brings up a major DO: Do use a lot of sunblock of a sufficient SPF. We've seen some horrible sunburns.

    Try drinks and food that you've never had before. You're won't be in the U.S., so don't expect the typical American fare. Be open to new experiences.

    Relax and enjoy yourselves. Try a Salty Dog and ask the bartender to put it on Tommywommy's tab.
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    Default "Other" Steeler Fans(Pens too!)

    We were at CN the end of February and into the first week of March. Remember how horrible February was in Pgh? Ahhhhhh, what a great time to get away to Jamaica! I had read the message board faithfully for 5 months before our trip. So much good information and for us, 8 nights was NOT enough time to do all the things that we wanted to do. We relaxed a lot but also did a few things such as going to Rick's Cafe' to watch the really cool cliff divers and amazing sunsets. Would definitely go back there! We toured the Negril Lighthouse & went to a market shopping. The resort itself has so many wonderful amenities that we really didn't want to leave the grounds. We snorkeled, walked down the beach to Office of the Nature, BF went diving and water skiing, highly enjoyed the catamaran trip and just laying out on the beach under some seagrape trees(natural shade) w/red-flag service. The resort has wonderful evening entertainment daily - don't miss the beach bonfire Thurs. nights. Dining at CN is top notch, especially Otaheite. Very beautiful & romantic but need reservations here. No worries mon...get on Jamaica time, slow down, enjoy and it will be wonderful!

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    I would have to agree with Pamela, you are not in the states, so enjoy the new food and new culture. My husband was having nothing to do with Jamaica until our travel agent and I convinced him that it would be a great destination; it must have been OK because we are going “home” for my Birthday in August, just down the road to SA. We were at CN for our honeymoon last year and loved it. Just enjoy yourself and trust me, after planning the wedding she will need to have some time to veg. The massages are great, we had one on the beach and one in the Tree House and loved them both. Snorkeling is a great past time, but just remember to breath and relax.

    Congrats and have fun!

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    Thank you. Great information looking forward to the food.

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    My Fiance and I will be at CN Sept 5-12th. We will be getting married and enjoying our honeymoon there as well We were wondering the same...thanks for the information!!

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    Default is it time to go yet

    Thank you everyone this is better than any frommer's guide any day. Sounds like i will be unforgetable.

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