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    Default I-pod docks at CSS

    Questions - Do they have I-pod docks at CSS and will it recharge my I-pod? Trying to pack very little. Thanks

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    Yes they have an ipod dock on the clock. It would not charge my iPhone 3G last year, so you will need to bring a charging cable. Also, the clock will not be able to be moved around. So if you want to listen to your ipod/iphone in another room such as the bathroom or on the balcony, you will need to bring other speaker options.
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    Yes, they do have Ipod docks that charge your Ipod's @ CSS. To be safe I still take my charger and a small JBL external speaker that both fit in the safe deposit box in the room. What would you do if the Ipod dock/charger does not work properly in the room? I guess just enjoy the beauty of CSS and Jamaica? Not bad

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    I was expecting an Ipod dock in my room at CSS but we had a CD player instead(F block, 6/4-6/11). I spoke with housekeeping and they had that replaced with an Ipod dock that afternoon while we were at the beach. Great service! It did charge my Ipod touch.

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    The one we had in our room in January charged my 2nd gen iPod touch and my wifes iPhone 3gs, but YMMV. I'd bring a charger just in case, they don't take up much room.

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