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    Default Packing the wedding dress...

    How has everyone packed their wedding dress??? I just called the airline to ask if I could carry it on in a garment bag and hang it and they said only if they had room, for me to be prepared with a box to pack it. I don't want to stuff my dress in a box last minute....should I just pack it to begin with and have it pressed when I get there???

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    Default Packing the Wedding Dress


    I got married in Couple Negril in March this year and I was also told by my airline that I could not carry on my dress.

    I packed my dress in a cabin sized suitcase (one that was still classed as hand luggage but was a suitcase nonetheless) and used tissue paper to wrap it.

    When I got to the resort and unpacked, it was a little creased but after a few hours of it hanging they kind of dropped out. I asked the resort to steam the dress anyway and I got it back the morning of the wedding. I was pleased with the service I received.

    I guess it depends on what kind of dress you have as well but if you pack it carefully and use tissue paper you might get away with just being able to hang it when you get there and any creases will fall out :-)

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    I have read alot of brides, carry it on in a garmet bag, and those that can't hang it up but it in the overhead compartments

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    Queen, which airline? We're flying American a month from today.

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    US Airways. So stressed out about it I was thinking of buying my dress a seat! only kidding....

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    Guess we need to just remember that 100's of brides get married at Couples every month. They got their dresses there just fine, and so will we! That's the first rational thought I've had all day! I'm having a "bridezilla" day!
    Hang in there!
    What's your wedding date? Ours is 6-23 @ CN.

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    I was thinking the same thing before I left for our wedding in April. We flew Continental and they said the same thing, only if they had room. I carried mine in a garment bag. The first flight there was no closet, I just folded the garment bag in half and put it in the overhead, it was fine. The second flight had a closet and I hung it in there. The whole time I was carrying my dress I just had it folded over my arm, it got a little annoying while we stood around waiting to get through customs for a couple of hours. Once I got to the resort I hung it up. It looked pretty good, I carried with me a little hand steamer and used it just a little bit on the dress. I definitely recommend carrying on your dress. Some of our luggage got lost on the way back, it would be horrible if your dress would be lost on the way there.

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    8/16/10 at CSA

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    I packed mine in my carry on bag along with all my jewelry, and my husbands clothes. I didn't worry about our shoes, mainly because I wasn't going to wear them, but I wouldn't have taken them in the carry on even if I was, to save room. So don't forget your fiance's clothes.

    I used the plastic drycleaners type bag. My dress came in one, it's not thick, heavy plastic, just the kind that your dry cleaners use, but long. My dress was not a "poofy" dress, but it was chiffon, and satin with lace and had a train. I put it in the bag, knotted the bottom of the plastic bag - not the dress, then folded it lightly and put it in the suitcase. When I arrived, I hung it up and it did not need any pressing.

    Good luck

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    I was thinking of having my dress vacu-sealed for the trip. Rather than go through the possibility of whether or not I'll be able to carry it on and hang it up, etc. I'm going to ask my seamstress to have it vacu-sealed after alterations, and then get it pressed at the resort. This way it's shrunk to where it will fit in the suitcase without interrupting everything else and vice versa...

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    I just flew US, American, Frontier and United with mine. Some had closets to hang it in and some did not. Almost all of my flights were oversold so there was very little room in the bins but I was able to fold it in half and use half a bin for it. There is one big bin with two doors and a metal bar in the middle. If you make it take up the area for one door and make sure all the suitcases and bags are on the other side of the bar it will be protected. You have to watch VERY carefully as people board though because even though they know it is a wedding dress they will throw their heavy suitcase on top of it. The closets they have are very short so you have to fold it either way. They are really made for coats and are probably only 4 feet tall.

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    Our wedding was last weekend at CSA. I decided that rather than take the chance of not being able to hang my dress in the closet on the plane i would carefully pack it into a rollerboard suitcase, along with my fiance's suit. I just did my best to fill the dress form top with tissue paper and clothes. Both my dress and his suit were wrinkled a tiny bit when we unpacked them, but after about a day hanging in the closet with the humidity, the wrinkles just fell out. My dress was a silk charmeuse slip dress, not a poofy style so all of the wrinkles showed, but they really just fell out, no steaming or ironing were needed at all and it looked perfect.
    I would highly recommend transporting your dress this way, it was much easier than lugging it around in a huge bag, and was no worse off for it.

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    My Fiance' and I are getting married at CTI May 2011. I chose to get a beautiful ballroom gown. It is very poofy on the bottom because it is Tulle an Organza and the top is lace and beadwork. We are sitting in first class on the way to Jamaica so we were assuming the closet would probably be available but then again we don't know how big the closet on a 757 is. My dress is poofy but I can fold it in half if need be and put it in the closet because I know allot of them are only like 4 feet tall. I am very worried about the dress being ruined and that it seems like it will be a hassle to bring the dress. I know I did this to myself with how big the dress is but I told myself that it is my wedding and I want my beautiful ballroom gown because I only plan on getting married once. Does anyone have any advice for me?
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    Just to be on the safe side I am making it as easy on myself as possible - I have decided to go with a Satin Sarong set for my wedding dress. Easy light weight and small. I haven seen any pictures on the couples wedsite but I have on line they are absolutly beautiful. My idea of a beach wedding is not black tie and cathedral gown. Your on the beach. And these lady who jump in the ocean or pool with they gown on??? I see $$$ drowning, lol. I can't wait It is going to be be wonderful. I also found a cake topper that was a couple on the beach.

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    I carried my dress on the plane in a garment bag. On the flight from dtw to fll I was able to hang it, even though the airline profusely told me no. When we got to FLL however, everyone was in a wedding it seemed, so I wasn't afforded the same luxury. We were lucky to get back on the plane in the first group and was able to use the overhead compartment and lay the dress and suit flat. So it was no problem.

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    I packed mine in my carry on covered in a plastic bag to keep it safe, then had it steamed at the resort. It was about $90 to have my dress and my husband's shirt steamed.

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