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    Default CSA May 2011 couples?

    Are there any couples that are going to be at CSA May 2011?? Myself and soon to be husband will be there May 19-25th for our weddingmoon. We hope to meet lots of couples of all ages. We're both 23 and 26.

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    We will miss you guys as we are going 7th-17th . 30's couple from Ireland

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    Me and my Wife will be there May,22-29 Hope to meet you guys. Wife 33 iam 33.

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    Will be there 21-28. We are 28 and 27.

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    We will be there May 3rd-18th! So excited, it's our second trip trip, we were married at CSA in 2008!

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    Just booked our honeymoon for May 8th - 15th. First time visitors to Jamaica. late 20s couple.

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    We will be there 5.12.11-5.19.11. Getting married 5.14.11. Both 27. See some of you then!

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    Sounds great! Congrats to both of you on yuor upcoming weddings. Our wedding at CSA was great! Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RB5.14.11 View Post
    We will be there 5.12.11-5.19.11. Getting married 5.14.11. Both 27. See some of you then!
    We will be there then and we celebrate our anniversary on the 14th so that will be a great day

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    We will be there the 11th-20th. Getting married on the 14th at 11am. Both in our 30's.

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    We are soooooo late May... EXCEPT in 2011.... unfortunately, we'll be waiting till October of '11

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    We will be there May 1-8 for our honeymoon. It's our first time anywhere!! I can't wait. ..21 and 25.

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    Not sure of our exact dates, but we'll be there in early May as well.

    Doug (can't tell... won't let me) and Vee (35) from the Tampa Bay area of FL. Coming back for trip #5 to CSA and Trip #7 to Couples. (Maybe trip #8, if I can talk Doug into an October trip to Ocho Rios.)
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    We will be at CSA from April 30th to May 7th. Can't Wait!!

    Jim(35) and Heather(31) from Bloomington Il. This will be trip #2 to CSA. We went to CSA April 2010 for the first time and could not wait to get back!!!

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    Just booked our trip for May 6th-16th, 2011 for what will be a delayed 1 year anniversary celebration! We honeymooned at Tower Isle in February and this will be our first trip to CSA. We will both be 28. The looong countdown begins

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    We are thinking about heading back for our 1 yr but we will be looking into May 28 - June 4th. We Did a split stay between Tower Isle (4nights/5days) and CSA (8nights/9days) Loved them both we want to come back

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    april 30 to may 7th....5 year anniversary on may 6th, we were married at couples negril, but our second trip to csa...melissa (36) tom (39)

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    We will be there 1st week of May. 1-8TH. This is our first trip to CSA. We stayed @ CN in 09, really enjoyed it but wanted to try a different couples resort. Can't wait!

    Josh 27 and Jeniece 26 from Cincinnati Ohio.

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    We are getting married 5/14/11 and will b arriving on 5/15/11 fora our honeymoon. We will b there from 5/15 - 5/21. Can't wait so excited. This is our first tropical, first real vacation together, and our first Couples! !!!!! Is it May yet

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    My hubby and I will be there May 13th-20th!! May cannot come soon enough.

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    We will be at CSA May 14-21 and getting married there on 17th. We are coming alone so we would love to meet some other couples to celebrate our special day. We are 36 and 40 young:0)

    Kim and Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Will be there 21-28. We are 28 and 27.
    We're going to arrive on the 3rd as well, though we don't get to stay nearly as long. We have to head home on the 7th.

    Jerry (50) and Amy (less than 50. )

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    We experienced CSA for the first time last year (April 24 - May 1).

    We loved it so much that we are now booked for this year too (May 1 - May 8)!

    Love that this board helps us get back on "island time" ahead of time.

    See ya soon,

    BTW, we are thirtysomething

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    Me and the hubby just booked for 5/7-5/12. 3rd trip to Jamaica. 2nd time at a Couples resort. Honeymooned last year at Couples Negril and loved it! Thought we'd try Swept Away for our 1st Anniversary!! Can't wait!! C u all there!!

    Jen(34 yrs)& Len(36 yrs)from South Jersey

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    After a brief dalliance with CN, we are headed to CSA for stay #6, arriving on May 27th. We are there 4 nights and we will have friends with us who are newbies. Kim and David from Florida. And age is just a number.

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