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Thread: 10 more Days

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    Default 10 more Days

    It is ten days until we return to Paradise and we are so stoked. While it is our second time, we haven't been in June/July before and are wondering if there is anything that we should consider about going to CSA at this time or year or anything that we should bring?
    Thanks in Advance
    Jason and Teddi

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    we leave in 14 days so we will see you there!!

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    Default Cool, see you there

    Cool, we look forward to meeting you...see you in Paradise. We can hardly wait.

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    9 more days to go we leave on the 30th! Starting to pack!!

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    tangles66...Have a good time...sorry you are going to miss us!!! save some Miller Lite for ME!!!!

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    Ha Dennis if they are low on Miller lite then you know why! LOL!! I plan on using your trick from last year and having them put it right in the ice!! Maybe we can meet up next year!! We go home on the 10th so will wave to you getting in!!!
    "Go Steelers"

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    Default One more sleep

    One more sleep and we leave. We're bouncing we are so excited to get there. Coffee on the Verandah in the morning, a little sailing, some visiting, the food....AHHHHH. See you all there.
    J + T

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    Hey Tangles...dont be using my!! You know when and where we will be next year!! We land at 11:30 then fly Tim Air...we will wave!
    here we go Steelers...HERE WE GO!!!

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    Default June/July

    We'll be there tomorrow. If you've never been in June/July ---it's HOT!!! I have just stopped bringing any clothes that are not cool. I also bring more swimsuits for this time of year. Have fun!

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