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    Default New Year's Eve at CSA

    Hello all...

    My wife and I will be visiting CSA for the first time from Dec 26 to Jan 2. We were wondering if there will be any special dinners or parties at the resort on New Year's Eve. We're not huge party people, but we were wondering if there's anything special planned to usher in 2011.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default New Years

    Having spent the last 3 New Years Eve's at CSA, I can assure you it will be the best time ever. Each Year the resort tops itself. The New Years Eve dinner is spectacular and the resort is transformed into a magical wonderland. Be sure to pack something extra special to wear, as most people do dress up for the evening. As a fellow Canadian, will probably see you there again this year.

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    Default Thanks Floater

    Thanks for the info. Could you advise us what you mean as "dress up"? Are we talking about what we might wear if we were going to one of the nicer restaurants at CSA, such as nice slacks and collared shirt or something more elaborate?

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    That is wonderful news! My fiance and I will also be there during that time (Dec 26-Jan2) and will be getting married at noon on New Years Eve! We are so excited!

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    Default New Years CSA

    AS far as dressing for New Years Eve - Most people do really dress up, guys in dress pants and dress shirt - girls anything goes, from regular sundress to cocktail dresses. There is a Scot, that every years wears traditional kilt. My husband and I do dress up - I always wear fancy evening gown - having been over 15X have seen everything. You will not be out of place if you really dress up, rather than just be casual. Just be comfortable and be prepared to have a really great time. The food is spectacular, and the entertainment will amaze you. Now I'm getting excited.

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