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    Default Live from CSA...... Garden Suite now GVS

    We are at CSA now. Many have posted concerns about the renaming of the garden suites. We have been to couples 3 times and book garden suites. We arrived at our garden suite- now the GVS to find the mini bar and TV. Great NEWS>>>>>> they have also added additional soundproofing to these rooms. We are right next to the road and can't hear any road noise at night. Last night at the repeaters dinner- Phillip- the Chief Engineer talked about all of the work that went into soundproofing these rooms. They have done a GREAT job!!!!!!

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    Wow!! That is fantastic news!! Thank you for the update

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    Thanks! We want more updates! more, more, more! LOL! Have you had any trouble getting reservations for dinner or cat cruise?

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    yes they spoke of those changes for us at the repeaters dinner in April, I do wonder however if they have soundproofed the REAL GVS rooms too not just the old Garden Suites. hmmmmm
    Erika & Sean

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    were you able to get a palapa?

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    We had NO trouble getting a reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass. We booked on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday and had a 7pm and 7:30p reservation. We were able to get Cat Cruise for the next day. No problem!!
    As for the Palapa- we aren't early risers- so they were gone by the time we got to the beach- but we got one after lunch one day. Plenty of shade under the trees on the other days.

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    How were the rooms themselves? The last time we were CSA ( a couple years ago) they were in dire need of some refurbishing.

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    The room was great. Beautiful room- clean and well maintained.
    We had no complaints or problems.

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    London - thanks for the news. My (then) new wife and I will be @ CSA in 2 weeks, and we had booked a GVS prior to this change...any word on updates/changes to the original GVS's?!

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