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    Default 73 days until CSA!

    My husband and I will be arriving at CSA on September 3rd for our first time. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I have a question about what to pack as far as clothes go. I mean, seriously, how much time will be spent not wearing a swimsuit? We will be there Friday through Friday. Any recomendations from previous guests would be greatly appreciated.

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    Typically the evening meal/activities are the only time we are not in swim suits.

    I bring every swim suit I can muster and only two or three other outfits for the evenings for an eight day trip. If you only bring two or three swimsuits, don't expect them to be dry before you put them on again.

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    We just got back and it is a very casual hotel. I wore sundresses most nights or capris and my boyfriend was happy to see that he was allowed to wear shorts to dinner at every restaurant but the Feathers.

    Of course you will see some that are really dressed up but most were pretty casual.

    I am so jealous I wish I was going back tomorrow!

    I suggest eating breakfast at Patois as they have a different special every day and all of them were fabulous! Especially the banana stuffed french toast yummy!

    We actually preferred Patois to any other restaurant to be honest as the menu had different choices and changes during the week once so that you don't get tired of it. The Lemongrass was excellent as well. Feathers was nice but I didn't think it was that great to be honest. The Cabana grill was your normal junk food except for the jerk chicken and the patties but you have to get them early or they are not as good.

    I did not like the buffet really as it was way to hot inside that restaurant we only ate there once for the beach party and I thought the selection was not the greatest and since there are so many better options that is what we went for most nights.

    You will have a fabulous time!! Enjoy.

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    my boyfriend and i went to CN last year and pretty much wore our suits all day (brought some cover ups too) - everyday. We did dress up in the evening - so it is nice to have a couple 'nicer' outfits....don't forget gym shoes if you plan on working out or water shoes if you are doing a waterfall tour. I'll copy the beginning of my packing list here - there are some good thoughts

    - sunscreen (sensative skin / waterproof)
    - raid (Ants)
    - deet
    - after bite
    - water camera
    - camera charger and transfer cord
    - A LOT OF bathing suits
    - ketchup
    - beer mugs or cozies
    - portable beach umbrella
    - crystal light drinks packs
    - pens (customs)
    - zip lock bags and containers
    - wrist watch
    - straws - the bendy kind
    - flashlight
    - advil, robaxicet
    - neosporin and waterproof bandaids
    - beach bag
    - gaviscon (liquid and pills)
    - bug netting? (tape)
    - shampoo, conditioner, soap, luffra
    - lip balm
    - truffle oil and truffle salt
    - cards
    - ipod
    - binoculars
    - aloe vera
    - inscense
    - water shoes
    - Emergen-C vitamin packets (powder). These are the BEST hangover preventers I have ever used. Just make sure to drink one in a glass of water BEFORE bed and NOT in the morning.
    - tide pen

    thats my start - hope its helpful.

    my bf and i will be arriving at CSA on Sept 17t and are staying till the 26th.

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    You wear a swimsuit most of the time but some restaurants have clothing restrictions, ie Feather. Check the CSA website to see. Also, tennis shoes are recommending just in case you do the horseback riding or something, you never know. Throughout the day though you will mostly wear your swimsuit.

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    It depends on how you plan to spend your trip, if you are planning off-resort excursions several days or if you plan to stick around the resort and hang out on the beach. The second plan I can speak to...

    Most of your time will be spent in your swimsuits so pack several of those for each of you. Jamaica is humid and they don't dry overnight so if you only have one or two you can expect to put on a wet suit in the morning.

    When packing clothing remember you will only spend a couple hours each day in them, basically for dinner and your evening activity whatever you choose to do. Pack a couple of bottoms that are neutral colored and then several tops to go with each for both of you. A nice dress or two for you and that's all you need. Most of the time the best advice is once you've packed take out about half the clothes in your suitcase.

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    Thank you all for the advice. It has been very helpful! We are mostly planning on just hanging out at the resort. We might go into town for a bit of shopping, but that's about it. Thanks again!

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