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    Default Doing the Double Digit Dance!

    Only 99 days until CSS!! Whoopee!!

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    367 days for us... [insert sigh here].

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    We'll be doing the double digit dance in 4 more days!!!

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    We will be at CSS in 42 days. The only thing helping me wait is I don't want to rush the summer away. Plus I want to be there so bad but I don't want it to be over. Anyone else ever feel that way? It is getting close enough I can start thinking about what I want to pack.

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    62 days here, and just made the final payment... time is going to slow down now.

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    FINALLY!! The double digit dance! 99 days and counting!

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    My future hubby and I have 62 more day and counting down, you talking about happy??? I can't do anything else but think about the great time i am exspected to have. We are getting married, having a honeymoon, and vacationing all at the same time. Bump the summer in the states I've been doing that all my life, jamaica here we come mon..."Nd no worries, just be happy"...

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    I change the screensaver on my computer every day at work to remind me how many more days I have. Right now the screen says "53 days til Jamaica". Couldn't fit Sans Souci on it. Boo-hiss!

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    When do you leave miwing, because we are leaving in 53 days to the date? Me may see you then or we may miss you as well...

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    16 days to go!!!! It's funny how the questions I have for this board start to change as our day gets closer. So excited!!!!

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    50 more days and counting. OMG... I can't wait.

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    OK, so now I'm depressed.....I thought I would go ahead and count our days and its 145.......DARN. Knew I should have waited to count! Happy for all of you going sooner is the greatest vacation of all!

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    96 Days until CSS for us. I already catch myself doing the happy dance and acting like a school girl haha can't imagine what I'll be like when it's single digits.

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    97 days for us!! Sept 17 - 26th CSA.....first timers for CSA...did CN last year so so so excited....I already have a packing list completed!!!

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