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    Default Couples Negril July 8-18 2009

    Name:  dsc_1170.jpg
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Size:  25.2 KBCN July 10th, 2009
    Having Fun After Our Vow Renewal "20th Anniversary"

    Name:  008.jpg
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Size:  45.2 KBCN July 13th,2009
    Oh No "Look What They Did To Me"

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    Default Distant Storm in the Night

    Distant Storm in the Night - Aug. 1, 2009
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    Default Wonderful Waterfall

    Enjoying the new waterfall at CTI.
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    Default Sunset on the Pier

    Sunset on the CTI Pier.
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    Default Sunset on the Terrace

    Sunset on the CTI Terrace.
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    Dorothy and I made our first trip to CSA in 2005 and have been back every April since. Here are 3 reasons why.

    1. Friendship. We have made many friends in the 5 years at CSA. We enjoy meeting new friends and seeing the friends we have made in the past visits. There is no better place to socialize with them then the swim up bar.

    2. The Staff. One of the major reasons we return on a yearly basis. They greet us every year with big smiles and hugs and they remember our names. We are proud to call many staff members friends.

    3. The sunsets. I know there have been thousands of sunset photos posted but viewing these beautiful sunsets with the one you love is amazing.
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    "Couples who play together, stay together"
    It was our 8th trip back home to CTI. A new chapter of our love story begins on the same day our love story began, July 19, 2009. James proposed as the sun set on the beach of our special place. Tears of amazing joy!!! CTI will forever hold a special place in our hearts and now shares the added romance of our amazing engagement story. xoxo
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    Default CTI/CSS entries for July/Aug contest

    Beauty reflecting beauty.

    THE best view in Jamaica.

    Longing for this view...

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    Default Our WeddingMoon Entries from CSA -- Pure Paradise

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    Default Lucky to go once.....blessed to win to go again.......

    Dreaming of going back!
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    Default Swept Away

    We are hooked on being Swept Away. We have introduced family & friends to Couples & they are hooked as well. We look forward to our yearly October visit. It cant come soon enough.
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    Default Swept Away & Can't Wait to Return!

    Name:  Day Two REG 001.jpg
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    Name:  DSC00345.jpg
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    Name:  Day Two REG 009.jpg
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    We were blessed enough to have our weddingmoom at Couples Swept Away from April 4 - April 11, 2008. After 6 years together this trip was the most amazing experience of our lives - one we anxiously wait to recreate. Once you go, you know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottandKim View Post
    Our steps to a proper Jamaican tan.
    LOL This could be a post card

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    Default Photo Contest Entries from our Honeymoon...

    Taken on our honeymoon in April '09... at CSS

    Name:  SansSouciSights.jpg
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    Sans Souci Sights

    Name:  Hands.jpg
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    Goodbye Single Life, Hello Paradise!

    Name:  Crackers.jpg
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    Crackers for Crackers!!!

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    Default Honeymoon Photos @ CSS for Photo Contest

    Good Shell Hunting
    Name:  Shell Hunting.jpg
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    Sunset Silhouette
    Name:  Boat Silhouette.jpg
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    "Miles Away From Ordinary"
    Name:  Beach Bar.jpg
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    Default The Island- The Crowders

    The Island August 5th 2009

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    Default Life is but a dream

    We stayed at CSA May 10th-16th - best vacation ever!
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    Default Honeymoon photos at CN for the photo contest

    We couldn't have asked for a more amazing time as to what we had at Couples Negril. We had our wedding and honeymoon there. We stayed 7/29 thru 8/3 and did not want to leave.

    Name:  jamaica 041.jpg
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    Name:  jamaica 040.jpg
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    Name:  jamaica 097-1.jpg
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    Default Couples negril 6/14 - 6/28

    those pesky frogs
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    Default Couples negril 6/14 - 6/28

    those pesky frogs
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    Default Photo contest entries

    The most romantic day of our lives was spent renewing our vows at Couples Negril....
    Returning from a long day of working. Surrounded by so much beauty. Taken at Couples San Sousi....
    AND Sunset in the trees at Couples San Sousi.....
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    Ang & Danny

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    Default We found paradise on our 25th Wedding Anniversary! Love you Couples San Souci

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    Name:  Couples Sax Player.jpg
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    Name:  Couples Sunset.jpg
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    Default rainbow around the sun

    this is a view looking straight up at the sun
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    Default CSA - April, 2009

    Absolute Paradise - Need we say more
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