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    Default Beach Concerns

    We were there in May and the same concerns were brought up about the beach after a storm in the Spring. After being there I can tell you that the staff work so hard maintaining the beach with transferring sand, clean up, sifting, raking that even if mother nature comes calling, within a day it will be beautiful. I was worried too but trust me that it's amazing.

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    From the pics it doesnt look like there is any " beach on/off the island
    So if one goes to the islan you are pretty much lounging on a platform or deck is that correct? I know css and cn have actual sandy beachs to lounge on dig your toes in. Can you do this ( lounge and dig toes in sand)while on the island

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    I am very concerned to hear so much...I don't want to sound ungrateful, but this will be my first trip to, well anywhere really, and I had to work my little butt off to pay for it all. I'll be really disappointed if I can't lounge on the beach with my toes in the sand and walk into the clear water...I mean that's why I chose to go on this trip...beautiful sand and clear water. Leaving in a week, someone bring my spirits back up!

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    andreanmickey, the previous post is talking about the A/N island off of the Resort. There is a perfectly fine beach in front of the Hotel. Please take a look at the photo's on the site under the couples tower Isle tab.

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