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    Default CSA August 2011

    Anyone heading to CSA in August of 2011? Will be our first time there.

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    Yes!! we will be getting married August 6th 2011 and we'll be there from the 4th to the 11th!! Im excited for you that that will be your first time there! This will be our 3rd. I just love it!! I told my finace' the other day that when i die and hopefully go to heaven, i will end up at CSA sitting on the beach. (kinda morbid but still i think its true)
    LEt us know if you have any questions

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    Default Yes!!

    My husband and I will be taking a 2nd honeymoon to CSA from Aug. 18-24! Cannot wait! We love all-inclusives and absolutely LOVED the Dominican, so we think Jamaica shall be just as incredible!!!

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    My wife and I (mid 30's) will be there July 30/11-Aug 13th. Can't wait!

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    My husband and I will be at CSA in August also. August 20-28. We will be celebrating our 35th Anniversary! We are from Wisconsin, USA. We were at CSA three years ago and we are very excited to return!

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    We will be at CN August 19-26 and plan to do a trading places trip to CSA. CSA is our home resort but we have been to CTI and CSS so with this trip to CN we will have now been to all 4... We Love CSA and CSS! CTI was O.K. but not our favorite. I am sure we will love CN too. Maybe we will see some of you when we do the TP day to CSA...

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    this will be our third time and can't wait, we're trying to do the first two weeks of Aug...still finalizing...ugghh!!!

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    My husband and I will be at CSA 8/3 thru 8/10.. (Still booking but that's when we are planning).. This will be our first time not only to Jamaica but on vacation period. Im am super excited and cannot wait. I read reviews and look at pictures everyday! We are plaaning on staying in the atrium room any advise on that?

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    Advice? Go, relax, have fun.

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    Default August 2011

    We will be at CN from Aug 17-23 and plan on doing a Trading Places to CSA, so maybe we will see some of you there.

    Still counting down the days/minutes/seconds til we board the plane!


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    We will be there for our honeymoon from Aug.5th-12th...It will be our first time and we are so excited!!! There are so many fun things to do I am having a tough time deciding what excursion to get So far I think it will be the Black river/Y.S. Falls/Appleton Rum tour. Is it August yet? LOL

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