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    What golf course is included for CSS?

    If anybody is wondering the same for CSA, it is Negril Hills Country Club. I played there last year and it was nice, but tiring! They weren't kidding when they named it negril HILLS

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    Hi bstanley. It's the "S" resort golf course up on the hill overlooking Ocho Rios. It used to be called the Upton Country Club before "S" bought it. The course is more of a traditional layout and a lot less tiring than Negril Hills. My buddies and I walked both courses and although it was super wet from two weeks of rain when we played it, I liked it better than Negril Hills. My son in law played it last fall and he said it was pretty dry. Unless you're paying about $200 for a round of golf in the Caribbean at a premium course it's my experience that the course will be pretty dry. If he's still there ask for a caddie named Cowboy. He was one of our caddies 6 years ago and it was a pleasure to walk the course with him.

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    Do you know how early and late were you able to book a tee time to play. Due to the heat, we either would want early in the a.m. or in the late afternoon. Thanks

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    bbteam, don't know what happened to my reply from last week, but it never appeared here. Maybe it got lost in that server change. In any event here's my response. You'll have to take a cab to and from the course if you want to play earlier or later than the scheduled, approximately 8am and 1pm, van service from the resorts. The normal schedule allows you to play 18 holes in the morning or 9 in the afternoon. I'm not sure if you can play 18 in the afternoon or not. We stuck with the normal schedule and played once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Of course in the afternoon you'll most likely have to deal with the showers that pass through. I suggest you check with the concierge desk to see how early they'll let you out on the course and go in the morning. The concierge should also make the reservations for you since the caddies may have to be scheduled to get there at that time as well. Since the restaurants are not usually serving meals before then you'll probably have to run on the continental breakfast from room service. I hope this helps and if you want any other information drop me an e-mail.

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