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    Default Couples Secret Rendezvous Option

    Hi Everybody, (early Happy 4th of July wishes )

    Am pulling together an Anniversary trip in September over Labor Day weekend and was curious about the Couples "Secret Rendezvous" option where you sign up and then find out your resort 7 days before you travel.

    I have read nothing but good things here on the board about ALL of the Couples properties, so I would anticipate that the "risk" is relatively low for the money saved.

    But I would be interested in any input on personal experiences for those who used this option. Does it seem to gravitate towards one particular property? Is it always the entry-level room class? General feedback about your experiences?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default SR experience

    Hi there,
    We booked the Secret Rendezvous last year in August and got Couples Tower Isle. Previously, we had been to CSA twice. We had a great time at CTI too, and were kind of glad it got us to the Ochi side of the island. We did a one-day pass to CSS and ended up booking CSS for March. We did get an entry level room, but for the money saved (around $800), it was well worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at CTI and the SR experience, so much so that we just booked again for August 1-8th coming up. Can't wait to find out in a few weeks where we go this time. I have only good things to say about the SR experience.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA (07,08)
    CTI (09)
    CSS (10)
    SR (10) and
    CN (11)

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