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Thread: Do you tell?

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    We have no problem telling our friends where we went. This is our week away from the kids, just hubby and I and we love our week together! Ok, so we may leave out some of the details... lol

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    We told our kids and our friends that we were on SSB. There is nothing "dirty" about being on a nude beach and SSB was the highlight of our trip, of course we want to let our friends and family know what a great time we had. After all, it's not like we were at Hedo.........those are the kind of trips that you don't tell about!

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    Yes, we tell. We have no shame in it so....what's not to tell?

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    Getting naked was the most confidence building decision I ever made! Its very freeing to realize that REAL people dont look like a Barbie/Ken and that there is NOTHING wrong with your body. It is beautiful on its own with out expensive cloths. It changed my life and I will tell ANYONE because Im proud of me! Sure some people look at me like im nuts. lol

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    I don't open the conversation with it, but if asked, I just smile slyly and say "what do you think?", and leave it at that. A few co-workers have asked to see my tan lines, and I just reply "don't have any". It's not that I want to hide it, but as others have posted, some people (who haven't tried AN) think there's something dirty or kinky about it. I just don't want to waste my breath on those people. Good friends know. I suspect family may know, too, but we don't talk about it. Jamaica belongs to my husband and I (well, and everyone else on this thread, too!). It's our paradise.

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    The concept of what to reveal (pardon the pun) is interesting... I care, and I don't care... I will say this: I travel to Jamaica with my wife and we experience fresh new things that we learn and grow from, laugh and have fun with. We have tried AN and were relaxed and enjoyed lying in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear water totally nude. We are looking forward to this experience soon, and the anonynymity (sp?) is liberating. It is for this reason that I never encourage friends or other family members to join us on our vacations because it is inconceiveable to enjoy AN while friends/family might be around.

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    OK, heres a funny story...

    We had never shared it with anyone but the closest of friends...

    So were at a Family party, and a Shes having a conversation across the room, and of course I'm not paying attention... as she tells them ALL about tower island...

    Next thing you know it, everyones lookin at me and saying "really...???" lol i just said "well, i wasnt going to share that, but, yep, really!" LOL

    nobody really seems all that interested tho, but they now know!

    -The Captain

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    We have been going to Jamacia for years and it is the only place we get naked outside. I have been selective about who I tell, trying to judge what their reaction will be. My husband on the other hand will tell anyone so I tell him don't tell the kids or my parents. I am 60 and he is 66 and find that "younger" people are more uptight about it. They act like it is all a sex orgy.

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    It will be my first time at an AN resort but I've been talking it up a fair bit. I think I'm pretty confident so I don't really think anything of it. They only person I don't tell is my mom, she's the ultimate prude and I just would rather not deal with her headaches.

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    Amber loves to tell people about all the interesting things we do, including spending time naked in front of strangers. Believe me, going Au Naturel is pretty tame compared to other things she tells her friends. ;-)


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    I don't tell people at work since I work for a very conservative company but all of our friends know. Funny story about that. My husband and I got married a CSS last April and some close friends had a small shower after wards which included two of my new sister-in-laws. In the middle of opening gifts my friends start asking me what its like to go to the AN beach. I was mortified since one of my sis-in-laws is very religous and ultra conservative. To make a long story short she started asking me about it too and we all had a good laugh. (She knows her brother pretty well) Just goes to show you never know how people will react. What I find amazing though is every woman I've ever told immediately states "I could never do that!" I do not have a perfect body, far from it, but people and women in particular are so caught up in what they look like and how they fear other people judge them that they miss out on a wonderful experience. I figure the more friends I tell the more they'll figure its not that bad and hopefully try it for themselves.

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    Most people we know...know. We don't hide the fact that we perfer to enjoy the sun and swimming with out textiles. Now if there was only a place that we could SCUBA with only the gear but nothing that would be fun!

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    Yes we tell and encourage to people that are open minded. I always say "there is more eye contact out at the island than on the mainland" and that is true. We live life to the fullest and so does everyone we have meet on the island. The friends I have made out on the island are people I will cherish for the rest of my life. You meet the best people out there because it is hard to be fake when your are naked hahaha

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    I LOVE this conversation! It is so much fun to see the looks on peoples' faces, although we have pretty much exhausted family members and friends that don't already know. It's a hoot when they start asking all the questions!! If ONLY they knew how freeing it is and what it feels like to stand in that Jamaican sun without wet, clinging swimsuits and feeling the heat all over your body.... not to mention the feeling of putting yourself out there around others like you are saying 'Hey, this is me, I am what I am and I am here to have a great time with no pretenses'. Can't beat A/N in the 'Couples' atmosphere where it is just loving couples and not hedonistic AT ALL! It's so funny how most people who have not done it think it's sexual! We are educating one couple at a time! Ha! Ha!

    SSB in 39 Days!!!
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