When you come back from being at SSB or any of the other AN at Couples do you tell your friends and co-workers?

I have told some people and it is amazing the looks and remarks I get. One because I am very much a straight lace person at work and they cannot believe I would let my hair down enough to go to an AN beach. I get teased quite a bit about it in a good way. I just tell them they won't understand until they try it.

The other funny thing was when I went to the doctor for my annual physical and when she opened my gown to do all the poking and proding she stopped for a second and then asked me if I went to a tanning bed and I said no I spend the Thanksgiving Holiday at an AN beach. The doctor looked at me and said "yea, I didn't think you were a tanning booth person" and went on with the exam. I thought that was pretty funny!

So do you tell or is it your Secret?