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    Default Getting married June 16th CN

    Hi everyone!We are going to be at CN from June 11th through 18th and will be getting married Wed. the 16th @ 10 am. Just wondering if anyone else is getting married that week? It is just the two of us and I am concerned about not getting any wedding pics. If anyone else is in the same situation, (I'd only like a few), nothing major, and I would be happy to return the favor!! Very excited! Can't wait, 60 days left!

    Paige & Todd

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    Hi Paige!
    We will just miss you! We're arriving in CN June 19th, getting married June 23!
    You might look at thread called "Advice: Wedding photos and DVD". I found it quite helpful!
    Good luck to you!

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    Default Omg

    Hi Paige & Todd,

    We're getting married at 11am on the 16th!!!!! We would love to help you out but unfortunately we'll be a little pre-occupied, but we've got a big group with us so I'll(Lisa) try and rope someone into helping out!!!
    We're there from June 8th and the countdown has commenced
    We can't wait!!!!
    Lisa & Keith

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    Thanks Lisa! Congratulations on the wedding! Have you choosen where you're gonna have the wedding yet? And if so how did you choose? I haven't seen enough pics of the sites to choose- was wondering if it was ok to just wait till we get there and check it out? Also have you stayed at CN before??
    Sooooo excited!!
    Paige & Todd

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    Default 56 Days to go!

    We have been before (back in 2007) and it is amazing there!!! We are looking at having the ceremony on the beach and then moving to the gazebo but we may change our minds when we arrive
    Do not worry about the photos - I've already rallied round and we will have someone there to take some pictures for you!!!
    Not long to go!!!
    Lisa & Keith

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    Hi Paige & Todd --

    We're getting married on June 12th and will be at CN until June 18th. Let me know if you're still looking for someone to take pics - I'm sure I can help! You can email me:


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    Thanks Lisa and Keith! Meg posted that they will be there and will have gotten married all ready, so if your people are going to be busy with your special day I will ask her to spare a few min.! Thanks so much!!!
    Almost time!!!!

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    Brandon and I will be married at CN July 15th @10am on the beach!! getting very excited and anxious! we will be there Tuesday july 13th to Tuesday July 20th.

    what are you girls planning on doing for you makeup? are you having the resort do it? doing it yourself? i've read kinda mixed reviews (about makeup) and am very nervous about it.

    excited to meet you all. Brandon's 28yrs old & a history teacher, and I'm 26yr old RN, in Michigan. We have 4 other couples joining us in Jamaica!

    ~Jenny & Brandon

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    Hi Jenny! We just returned from CN last Sunday. Our wedding was 6/23. It was everything and MORE as far as what I was expecting! Yours will be here before you know it!

    I had both my hair and makeup done in the salon. My hair has a lot of natural wave to it and it was crazy out-of-control with the humidity down there, so I decided to have the salon do both my hair and makeup. They know how to do hair so it will stay! My only advice on that would be to bring a picture or have something specific in mind that you want. All I told the girl doing my hair was to do it "up". It turned out fine but I wish I had been more specific with her.

    The makeup was OK. I was afraid that they would do it too heavy and it would look too made up, so I told her to go light...which was possibly too light. I added some eyeshadow when I got back to my room.

    Best of luck to you! Remember to enjoy every goes by so fast!

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