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    Default Can anyone answer this for me?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if they offer bottled Red stripe in the rooms at Couples Negril? When we went there on our honeymoon last year it wasn't offered in our room (only Carib beer).
    I noticed in the pictures of my friends who just returned from CSA a few days ago, that they had bottled Red Stripe in their mini fridge. Is this something just offered at CSA or what's going on?


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    We had two bottles each of Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light in our fridge at CN this past February. Hoping for the same thing when we return in April 2011!

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    I know there has been quite a bit of debate on the board about this...when we were in CN, most days the beer we got in our mini fridge WAS Red Stripe. We just requested beer and that is what they brought. Glad because it is much better than the Caribe.

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    When we were at CSA we were not able to get them to do anything special in our mini-bar. I requested extra cranberry juice and they said no substitutions. Some people talked about a card you fill out with what you want but we did not have those so maybe that is just at another resort.

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    When we were at CN in January, I requested added Red Stripe to the bottom of our "refrigerator list", and they would bring 2 bottles! There is a beer opener in the room too.

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    It appears that Red Stripe is hit-or-miss. We stayed in a beachfront room at CN in March 2010 and were only provided with Caribe despite requesting Red Stripe.
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    Six years ago on our first trip to CN, the rooms (beachfront) all had Red Stripe in the bottle in the refrig. After they put refrigerators in all the rooms, they took out the Red Stripe. I do not want the Caribe beer. I tried it. Do not want it. I think putting Red Stripe in the bottle in the rooms is a GREAT thing to do.

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    Default Red stripe in CN Minifridge

    I walked across the street to the gas station and picled up a 6-pack of bottles of red strpe
    I know , that is strange for an all-inclusive

    but it worked for me

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