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    Default Leaving a young baby home...

    Just wondering at what age would you leave your baby to take a trip to Jamaica? We're booking our Oct 2011 trip but are also trying to get pregnant!!! We may push the trip back!!!

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    We left our son at 10 months and it was no big deal. Mom cried of course but the baby did fine.

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    We went when our oldest was 10 months and came back with a stowaway - surprise! We left the next time when the youngest was 14 months. I think it depends on what type of family support you have (our kids are absolutely spoiled by the grands) and what type of parent you are - I am always happy for a little kid free time but I have a girlfriend who does not like to use babysitters at all.


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    Same here but we booked Aug 2011. I figured we could cancel if we wanted. It's a win/win. Either you go on vacation if it doesn't work or you have a new baby. This will be our third and the first two are already driving me a little crazy so I truly might just want a break! lol

    We are also going to CSA for our 30th birthdays this Oct and that is the one I am worried about. I am considered high risk so I am not sure I will even be able to go if I am pregnant. Hopefully I won't be too sick and everything will be ok. Even if I am sick I would rather be sick there!

    Will this be your first baby?

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    Well, that depends quite a bit on whether you plan on breastfeeding or not. I BF both of our kids, and as such, it was just impractical to leave them prior to a year old.... that being said, I don't think I would go much earlier than a year anyway, but that's just me.

    My mom and dad are also MUCH more amenable to taking them now that they are 7 and 9. A child under two is a WHOLE lot of work, and it's not always easy to find someone who is willing to take them.

    Our first trips away from them were close by and MUCH less than a week -- more like a long weekend. We left them for the first time for a week when they were 2 and 4 and we split up the babysitting between our babysitter and various family members. Worked great. I was a nervous wreck, but they both survived just fine. -- and so did I.

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    Don't put your trip on hold because you MIGHT get pregnant. Just make sure to get trip insurance and you'll be fine. And, we left babies at home anywhere from 6 months on. You are gonna love Couples.

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    It is impossible to know how you will feel about it until the baby is here. I ended up changing plans I'd made before my daughter was born because when the time came, I just couldn't leave her. She is now a happy functional 25 year old and I have no regrets that I chose to be with her when she was tiny.

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    I have a 3 year old and 2 year old. I had a really hard time for the first few days. I know I couldn't leave my kids any younger than 2. Just depends on the person. I can be a little ocd about mine!! LOL

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    You could always wait and try to get pregnant while in Jamaica!!
    One Love,

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    Our youngest was 16 years old before we took a vacation without our family.

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    I have to agree with JumpinJen, you will not or can not know how you will feel. I have a good friend who looked on with disdain at other friends who would not leave their young children or babies at home with a sitter for the night. When her first child came along she did a complete 180, not only would she not leave the baby with a sitter (her own mother) but we all thought that she was going to divorce her husband when he suggested that they go away for a weekend when the baby was 2, to try for another baby. I am glad to say that she is better now, they are teenagers and she can not wait to get away from them.

    So you never know, buy the trip insurance, that way you can change or cancel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r&cford View Post
    Just wondering at what age would you leave your baby to take a trip to Jamaica? We're booking our Oct 2011 trip but are also trying to get pregnant!!! We may push the trip back!!!
    We left our 8 month old twins with grandma, it was HARD! We should have waited a year. Mom was upset, but I was a total basket case.

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    Once it's born, be sure to leave a bowl of food and water, then go to Jamaica!

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    You really won't know until you have your own, but developmentally most babies are very resilient until they develope stranger anxiety. If the grands or someone else have been regular caregivers (weekly) then that may work out just fine. It's really not about the child - it's more about the parents. How ready will MOM & DAD be to leave the child? The kid will do just fine at any age.

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